I Choked On a Peanut M&m O...

i choked on a peanut m&m once and i thought iwas gonna die...lol
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Today i am going reveal my secret of strangle fetish to my experienceproject friends. It is a real story my school days. In our class there was very beautifull girl with a slendourous neck like swan,she was very egoist,and had very much proud over her face. Most of the class boy likes her.
As our school dress code was shirt with necktie for all student. And she use to dress very smartly with tightened necktie upto middle of her throat with shining and well ironed shirt. She was our class representative also, as she was very smart. She has so much ego that she use to talk very rudely with other, make complain of other to teacher , if anyone not listen to her. Seeing her this rude attitude also no boy in our class dislike her, but once she made my complain to our class teacher and our math teacher insulted me in front of the class. From that day it was my strong desire to hang her and let her see in pain, and my strangle fetish taken birth without my concious knowledge.
After some day , i tried my best to insult her in front of my friend to take my revenge, but nobody has guts to laugh at her, inspite she made my joke in front of them by making me remember that insult of mine by teacher. Again a more intense feel to kill her evolved in my heart, let see her in pain. Now i had understood that to make her in pain i should befriend her, so next day i went to her and told that i am very impressed by her attitude and strong leadership quality, so from today i admit your supremacy over me and want to be your friend. She rudely told me " you should be, looser" but i smiled and gifted choclate as a token of friendship. She snacted it rudely and told that if i want her friendship than i should bring choclate daily for her, else she will insult me again. I politely admitted the condition.
The scenario of choclate continued for 1 year and she become very close to me but started ordering me for anything like a slave in front of other. On her birthday i gifted her sandle ,which was very costly to impress her. She opened her gift and liked it so much that she kissed me and told thank you. I bought that costly sandle by taking out money from my dad wallet without his knowledge, so when i went back home from school, i got strong slaps from my mother.
But my strong feel of seeing jasmine( girl ) in intense pain was converting into truth so i havent feel bad. Next day again i taken her favourite costly choclate packet to her in class. She liked it and hugged and told me " how much you take care of myself, i shouldnt behaved with you like this for long, you are my best friend ". She asked what you want in return , i m very happy today. I told her after the school will over pls come with me to the school terrace, i will tell you there . She was afraid first and asked do you have any wrong intention. I told no not at all. she smiled and told that if you even have that intention ,i will not mind you are my boyfriend baby and laughed naughtly. when school got over i directly went to the school terrace empty room and after 10 minutes she came smiling mischievously. She asked what you want to take in return gift, i reluctantly told with blur voice that " cccaaann ii touch your neck pls". She told what type of gift is it, i told her that i love your neck slendorness, can i touch it. she told offcourse, actually i like a bit getting choked, bcoz i my younger brother love to choke me from behind at home, recurrently. i asked her why your brother chokes you, she told "harry say sissy your neck is georgeos, long and soft to choke". I thanked her and went behind her started grabing her neck with my hand slowly, then slowly i tightened my grip and she suddenly told " naughty boy , i am feeling a strong eruption behind between my two buttocks ,what is it. I realized that my erection was very strong and i was at the peak of my ****** . i grabbed more tight and she coughed and told in broken word, baby it too tight. i loosened the grip and she fall slightly being unconcious. but when i saw her face it was pink and lips were red and it was my strong desire which got fullfilled that day. scenario continued for many months after school. And my confidence got boost over her and every day while playing i use to try new method to choke her. And now i got full authority over her and she was totally under my control. One i completed my intense feeling of hanging her for a while and see her in pain. So one day i let her wear dog collar with a steel chain, standing on the chair and i was shooting the situation with my mobile phone. I just kicked the chair positioned the camera in still place so it can shoot whole image clearly and being at side i erupted my volcano seeing jasmine hanging with sexy dancing body. Atfter 1.30 min i let her down from the noose. i tried many tricks of choking which are innumerable to her till our last school days.
then in college we seprated as we got different college very faraway from each other.

I chocked on a croissant and had a hard time... Yeap, really weird!
Hope you are well.

too bad you didn't