I Guess I Have Just Been Lucky...

I guess I have just been lucky.  I have never almost died.
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3 Responses Apr 24, 2007

It is not a pleasant experience, believe me ! The pain and fright are too much to bear.

Lol, Ellargato, made me laugh. You're a pretty funny lizard.

I was listening to NPR and accidentally stumbled upon a program called The Prairie Home Companion. A man named Garrison Keillor was telling an interminable, astoundingly depressing story in a cloying, ponderous, voice. His lugubrious, agonizingly plodding delivery brought to mind the interiors of coffins being lowered into the ground and the sound of fresh dirt striking wood. I became dizzy and nauseous; my will to live began draining away. Were it not for the deus ex machina of a power outage silencing my radio, I can’t be certain I’d be here today to tell this sad tale.