No, But I've Had Some D...

No, but I've had some deep mushroom trips where it seemed like I had died.

I've always imagined dying like being thrown into a black abyss with there being faces there that I think I recognize but I don't.  I talked to someone the other day, she told me she had killed herself before and death feels like lying down to sleep after a long day.  Just very tired, peaceful, and relaxed.  There wasn't any of the "seeing the light" and other cliche stuff though.

I think I have an idea of what reincarnation is like.  It's like you wake up as yourself in your first memory, when you are 2-7 years old.  You know how they say no one remembers their infancy? Well, it's like I was thinking about why that is, and I thought, hey, in my first memory, I had a weird feeling of being conscious for the first time, like whoa, here I am.  It wasn't just that I was blank before, I was like, woah, so like, I'm a three year old child, this is strange.  But I couldn't say it because people don't really teach kids to communicate that stuff.  And recently someone online said they have a weird memory of waking up on their parents bed and feeling like they were "born" for the first time, and that was their earliest memory.  So that's my theory of how that works.  And before that, you are in the physical world, but your mind is still in that abyss where faces keep floating by and stuff.

Edit: Actually, now that I've read some other people's responses... if things that were close to death, but didn't involve actually "being dead" and in the afterlife count... then yeah, I've come close to it.  Suicide attempt, and I also like to sit on high ledges on buildings and mountains and other stuff... it kind of freaks people out when I do that I guess.

deadteddybear deadteddybear
18-21, F
Apr 25, 2007