I Guess You Could Say Id Seen the Hem of Death's Robe

i was hit by a car at the age of three (1967). smacked me good according to my sister. i was being watched over though. i sailed and hit pavement. not a scratch. i had to be sedated for xrays. after that i od'd on some tastey pills (i was about 3/4) and had to have my stomach pumped. (did that twice) bit by a horse, ran head long in to the corner of a table which put a dandy dent in my forehead, got in a fight with a neighborhood  boy where upon he clocked me with a 2x4 just above my eye. jeez i could bore you with more...yes ive been near death. LOL i just didnt have to go to a foriegn country for it. shoot i didnt even tell you about chasing the mugger at 2 a.m...i might not make a pimple on a soldier's ***, but i think i could give it run.

bek bek
41-45, F
1 Response Apr 29, 2007

LOL jolly good story mate, any more interesting near death experiences I could lol at? If so then, thank you.