I Could Have Died

This happened when I was 16, October of 1999 I was sick for a week before i ended up in the hostipal, i was told i had 5 mini attacks before i had the big one that landed me facing death. I started getting really sick on thursday, at 2 in the morning i went upstaris to my mom's room and told her i couldn't breath, she thought i meant i couldn't breath through my nose, that my nose was stuffed up and told me to go to sleep, she'd take me to the doctors that evening when she got home from work, so i went to sleep. All thursday i was having such a hard time breathing that my inhailer wasn't working anymore, i could barely move, the only time i did was to go use the bathroom. By the time she got home at 5, i could barely walk, i remember sitting in the doctors office saying i'm sick, why are these other people here, they're not sick, i'm the one that needs to be seen. The nurse said they couldn't see me, I walked to my mom, and i had to hold on to the wall, i said mom i can't breath, My inhailer is not helping. Finally they got me in a room, with 2 doctors and all the nurses, they put me on oxygen. One of the doctors turnned to my mom and said "One hour more without oxygen, she would have been dead". They called 911, i rode in the ablience and my mom drove behind them, when they asked what hostipal i wanted to go to, i said childrens, aparently they had a big issue cause they kept asking if i was sure, my grandmother always told me if i had to stay in a hostipal and i was under 21, to always say childrens. They had me on oxygen the entire time, they ****** up my IV twice on the ride there so i had huge bruses. I ended up being admited and i stayed for thursday night, friday, saturday and got out sunday afternoon which happened to be halloween. I ended up going out on halloween, i wore this mask that i had to keep taking off cause i couldn't breath with it on. I stayed out of school a week after, the worst asthma experence i had in my life.
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I remember when I nearly lost my life saving a wolf cub, one of my injuries was difficulty breathing. The doctor even said, "You call that breathing? Is pathetic!"

I have asthma as well and I have never experienced anything like this. Wow that must have been really scary. It is really great that you are alright. That must have been one of the worst asthmatic experience to experience. Near Death wow.

You almost died, but a near death experience is when you leave your body. People then go into another dimension or just float around. THis is what I did. I was on the ceiling when my dad came to see me. My all night nurse told him I was sleeping. I was going to say "I am not" when I looked down and there I was. Big surprise.

something like that happened to me.....i had an asthma attack and then like an hour later my chest and back were killing me...when i talked i sounded so weird and high pitched. my roommate convinced me to go to the hospital and what happened was my lung sac was punctured from the asthma attack and all the air leaked into my chest cavity, and my lung collapsed....asthma and related problems can be a really scary thing