Life Changing Experience When I Was 15 Y/o

I was 15 at that time when a friend had picked me up in his new sports car & we went crusing, it was about 8 p.m.
As we drove he told me that he needed gas but had no money.
He said he was going to go to a scrap yard & syphon gas out of a car or truck & we ended up there, with gas can & garden hose in hand.
He told me to put the hose in the car and suck, then put the hose in the can. Sounded easy enough as he told me to do this & he would keep watch. In my head i was thinking no way do i want to do this but as a teenager & enjoying being in this cool car i agreeded.
I got set & gave the first suck, i felt something travel up the hose then put my finger over the end of the hose. He then said to suck really hard & it'll come up.
Listening to what he said i sucked, the gas was close to the end of the hose where i had my mouth on, i must have swallowed half a liter of gas down my stomach & lungs & couldn't breath gasping for air that i couldnt get, jumping off the groung which felt like 2 feet then i calopsed. I remember being numb,free, leaving my body going twords the stars that i could see in the sky, quiet & peaceful no fear or worry. as i was going up i turned over & i saw my body on the ground, i saw all the secenery around my body clearly, the junk yard,houses & cattle. he was recessating me & kicking on my back as i had no pulse & i felt none of he was doing this i rushed back into my body coming to' coughing & trying to breath, i came to. im now 39 y/o with an incurable brain tumor & i can deal with my fate because of what i've experienced. I am living with this now 2 1/2 years now & no matter what i choose life over death, love , happiness & family is what keeps me alive. I love life,my wife Michelle & my children.
There is something after death & defentally it is your spirit, soul leaving your body going to your after life.
Dying is scarry, be sure you have loved someone so they can keep your spirit alive
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Rennie, I am praying for you and your family. Dona

Rennie, I hope you feel fulfilled and not have any problems associated with your condition. I have a history of brain tumors in my family. It seems to have missed me and my two siblings so far I wonder what the future bring regarding it. I had a grandfather and his daughter (my Aunt) pass away from brain tumors within the last 20 or so years. I hope its not painful and I hope your family adjusts to your eventual passing the best they can. I am thinking of you and wish you the best. Thank you for sharing you NDE, it is an amazing story. Thanks, David

Rennie, you are in my thoughts. I'm sorry no one responded to say Thank you, because I thank you for your NDE account. May you be free of pain.

This is a scary story. I'm glad that you survived and was able to live a good life up to this point. I'm sorry to hear about your condition, my near death exp involved me contracting meningitis from an infection when I was 15 which resulted in three brain surgeries (2 at the time and another 4yrs later). I'm also happy that you have a pleasant attitude toward death, I'm still very fearful of that aspect of life even after everything I've been through. Btw, my name is Michelle too :-)