I Thought It Was Just the Flu.......

For a couple of weeks I kept having these stomach cramps every so often.  They would hurt so bad that I literally couldn't move when it happened.  Afterwards I would go to the bathroom and I'd have a discolored bowel movement and just figured I had a bug.  I worked in daycare... we were always catching things from the kids.  Well... I had an attack at work one day and the director of the daycare called my mom and had her pick me up from work.  They couldn't get ahold of my husband as he was on a jobsite somewhere and this was before cellphones.  My mom took me to the ER and come to find out I was pregnant, but it was in my fallopian tube at about 5 weeks along.  It was just 3 months after I had given birth to my youngest child.  While in the ER my condition worsened as I lay there.  Eventually my fallopian tube ruptured right there in the ER.  The pain was like nothing I'd ever experienced before.  I was bleeding internally.  I don't quite remember how it all started, but suddenly there were like 15 people all around my bed.  I could hear them all talking to me, asking me questions.  I was answering all the questions... or at least I THOUGHT I was until I heard them start saying things like, "She's not responding!" and "Get more blankets! She's still shivering!"  Actually, yelling these things more than just saying them.  I could feel the urgency in the room and I couldn't understand what the problem was until I realized I was simply an observer.  Everything I was "saying" was only   happening in my head.  I couldn't talk, move, blink... I couldn't do anything.  Everything I thought I was doing, I wasn't....but I knew everything that was going on in that room.  I was rushed into emergency surgery where they emptied 2 pints of blood out of my belly, gave me more to replenish what I'd lost and repaired the damage done...including the damage done by the doctor's hasty incision.  He actually apologized for it once I saw him after the surgery!  I told him he was silly... he saved my life!  When I told him about my experience when they were working on me in the ER, he told me it was impossible that I could know all that as I was totally unresponsive and had gone into a comatose-like state.  Since that experience, I'm not afraid for when that time comes. 
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yup..thats what my hub tells me. He saw everything from above.