Wanted To Know The Truth

All i ever wanted out of life was to know is there any point getting up in the morning. My life had always been quite traumatic, so i have searched a lot for the truth about life. Then i found it. My story starts with me living in a bedsit,it was wednesday 11 dec i was woken up by a voice saying i'm god i want to see you. Obviously i thought i was just dreaming so carried on with my day. Things started to get a little strange throughout the day but i just carried on the next day. I was again woken up by the same voice saying i'm god i want to see you, i thought this is a bit strange so i got up went out and tried to find god i didn't know where to look but i tried. I then went to bed and was again woken by a voice saying i'm god i want to see you, this really freaked me out so i went out and looked for god, but didn't find anything so went home and went to bed. Just before 12 o.clock i got up and went to the toilet putting a rock on the floor to keep the door open. I had a pee, turned around and heard the same voice that had woken me up for the last 3 days at 8 0.clock, saying you have to go through the window, so i ran as fast as i could in my under pants and vest and dived through my bedroom window, as i hit the glass i turned my head to the left because i did not want glass in my eyes. I waited to see what would happen next. I waited and waited nothing happened ,so i opened my eyes but it was pitch black. I tried to move but i couldn't then there was a speck of light in the distance. As soon as i seen this light i moved closer to it. This light had turned into a room shape that was pitch black on the outside but really bright inside with what looked like two people standing there, i thought this is weird so i tried to turn my head away to check that the window was behind me but i could not move, but could see the window out of the corner of my eye so i looked back towards the light and one of the two people said move forward a bit.Then they called me by my name to move forward a bit more, as i did i moved into a room they then asked me to move a little more which i did with a sort of ******* motion in my stomach. This moved me right into the room where i was sat on a stretcher, very old fashioned looking. They asked me why i went through the window. I

said god asked me, they said no he didn't you went through the window because you took drugs. I said i haven't took any drugs. They said its all the drugs you took in the past they have made your head a bit funny. I started to cry because i had made a big mistake and had thrown my life away. They told me not to be silly as if they knew what i was thinking.They then told me to hop off the stretcher on to the floor. As i landed on the floor i felt as if i had sunk into the floor a little.The two people looked at me a little strange and told me to get
back on the stretcher, which i did. They then said someone is coming to examine me, so i sat and waited, then it dawned on me a bit more that i was dead which didn't make sense as i was alive, so i put my hand over my mouth and nose to check if i was breathing, i wasn't but it felt like air was just going in so i looked at my hand and arm because i couldn't believe i was alive without breathing, the two people just looked at me and smiled as if they had seen this a lot. The two people looked like normal people both had brown hair, hers was curly, his was to his shoulder. The room i was in was quite small. To the left of me was a door which was open in front of me. There were Disney pictures on the walls. Through the open door i could see a larger room containing about 15-20 beds and 10-15 children and 2 older people. Then a man came into the room, he was Asian and looked in my eyes and said your not ready, you have to go back as he was doing this, a little girl had her head around the corner of the door and was watching what was happening to me, she could deal with this better than i could because she had been there longer than i had. I was then wheeled on a trolley along corridors to a room with 4 beds, i sat in bed for awhile trying to take things in when a man walked past my doorway, he seen me and smiled and i started to have a conversation with him in my head. I thought this cant be right you cant talk with your mind and he said you can, that's
the way we do it here so i said if this is true stick your head behind the door then put it back at the count of 3 which he did, which made me laugh so i accepted this as real then after some more time i was taken to a small room where i could be sent back.I didn't know how i would be sent back, but my first thought was that i would be born again. I was sat on a stretcher and they took my legs and pushed them up under my arm pits, i didn't understand what they was doing. They then took both my arms and folded them up, then they started on my neck then a breeze was blew at my face which i had to breathe in. I waited for a while then a voice said, well get up then. So i did and found my self at the bottom of the steps outside my house. where they placed me is only 3 ft.square its at the bottom of 8 steps with a metal and wooden fence either side and a 4 ft gate in front which explains why they folded up my arms and legs. The window i dived through was broken but i had no injuries. This event happened just as i have said. We are a created species, we live forever, evolution is just the system god used to create us. This might seem a bit much but its true, when i asked god whats the point of life he said its just love. Hope this helps you with your search for the truth.
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that is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard