The Chairlift

This may not sound like too big of a deal to some people but considering how young I was at the time, I think it was really bad. So, I was about two or three years old. We went to Switzerland, as far as I can remember. I was a young and excited kid who appreciated every little detail around me. We were heavily strapped with clothes. I was wearing a shirt on top of a shirt. Then a sleeveless sweater followed by a full sleeve sweater followed by a jacket. That seems a little comical right? Chubby little kid wearing heaps of clothing.
Right, so I was also wearing gloves and a cap. I was there with more than half my family from my father's side. They all wanted to get ice cream and being a fat kid, I was really excited by the prospect of ice cream. There was a problem however. I could not find my shoes so my parents opted to stay back and help me find them. We did not so I just travelled in my slippers. There was only one way down the mountain, by chairlift.
So, we got on and it was all easy going for a while. Then a string of things happened at the same time. I was shaking my feet so one of my slippers fell on the chairlift floor below. There was no safety bar so I bent down to pick it up. As I did we neared one of the poles where the cables are hooked to. So as we arrived at the pole I had the slipper in my hand. Then there was a jerk as we crossed the pole and I lost my balance. At this height, no matter how I fell, if I did I would have died instantly. So, I do not know how exactly this happened but by the grace of God, I managed to grab hold of the side of the chair lift as I hung from there.
I screamed as I looked back over the mountain and then back at my parents who were seated beside me and screamed again. My parents were in such a state of shock that they did not even react when I screamed. After a while though, they regained their nerve and pulled me back up. Although this may not be much of an incident, consider how small and frightened I was. I still shudder when I think back to that moment and as I recall, for the next few years I never stepped foot on another chairlift. I got over that but it is still just as scary to recall that moment. Feel free to comment and tell me how you feel towards my experience like whether you think it was dangerous or not. Thank you for reading.
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Wow I also had a near death experience if u wanna read it its on this post it's a bad for wheeler trip with my family or something like that

Well, that would be scarey but that is not what is meant really by NDE (near-death experience). Now, if you had actually fallen and died and then by some miracle been brought back to life and were able to recall the experience of being dead, then that would be referred to as an NDE...the experience of being on the other side of death.

Yeah I do not really call that a near death experience. What your saying is a supernatural sort of miracle, something that would be seen in tv shows or movies.