Life Is a Spiritual Journey

When my second son was born, I had a difficult labour. I remember as he was coming out of my body, I said to his father that I was feeling very tired and like I was going. He did not understand and said i will get you a cup of tea. After i saw my beautiful baby and he was so beautiful with two deep dimples and fat cheeks, I remember suddenly looking down at my body, feeling like I am floating about. Afterwards I was told that I stopped breathing, that my chest had caved in and that the doctor had to inject adrenalin to bring me back. It was an amazing experience because i knew none of the trauma in that room - i was in a different realm - one of peace and beauty. And it made me realise life as we know it is only one realm of existence. there is nothing to fear in moving into another - because we are really spirits in human bodies not human bodies with spirits.
Aramat Aramat
18-21, F
Jun 7, 2007