Happined Once

I was in 8th grade and my sotmic was hurting real bad. My mom ended up bring me to the houspitle on a saterday. The docter said i was constapted and if my stomic was still hurting go see my family docter monday. Well the next day i could barely even walk. Went back to the same houspatle that day and seen a diffrent docter and she thought i was my apindix. But the surgin that did those sugreys was on vachion. So i had to end up going to a diffrnet houspitle again. Well monday morning they removed my apindix and cleand out all of the posin that was slowly killing me. If i would have wated much longer i wouldnt be here today.
takeawildguess takeawildguess
18-21, M
Jun 10, 2007