When I Was a Yonker, All of 16

I was cute and adorable, no wait that is a different story. I developed a fever. It wasn't bad at first. I went to school and managed (I'm like that.) It kept getting worse, so I went to the doctor. They put me on a broad spectrum of antibiotics. It was some form of a virus that they didn't know.

I started taking it, but it was still getting worse. I was in the middle of class and the teacher sent me home. I was passing out in the desk. I was on nine days absent when there are only suppose to be ten. I had a couple too many senior skip days.

My mom came and got me and put me on the couch. I still kept getting worse. the next day, I couldn't move. I didn't have enough energy to get off the couch. I didn't have enough to get to my room the previous night.

Finally, my mom took me to a different doctor in a different city. it turns out that I had Scarlet Fever. Who gets that now a days? If we went to the same place, I probably wouldn't be here today.

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2 Responses Jun 13, 2007

thts really weird. scarlett fever? and they didnt even recognize it? dumba$$es

What the heck is a "yonker"? I don't think we have those in FL!