Cell Phone Driver

About a year ago, my mother and I were driving to Vandalia, Illinois from Laddonia, Missouri to visit family. There was an old man in the next lane talking on a cell phone. We got to a bridge, and, I guess the old man didn't see us because his cell phone blocked his view, but he quickly turned to our lane a little in front of us and nearly knocked us off of the bridge. Now, we were going probably 70. This bridge had concrete sides. We would've flipped over the edge of that thing and nose dived into the concrete below. I don't know about you, but that doesn't sound very healthy... Mom was able to get back in control of the blazer, barely missing the side of the bridge. When we went to pass that guy, he got quite a surprise when he turned to see both my mom and I flipping him off. He never realized he almost killed us.
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Yeah.. the ones on cell phones are too busy talking to read bumper stickers... :)

Lol! Yeah... that is quite lovely... :)

What drives me crazy is there are products for "safe-er" cell phone practices in the car.... so if you absolutly really do HAVE to talk on the phone- you can do it hands free and be a lot safer about it...<br />
<br />
but i'm of the mind of my favorite bumper sticker "i bet if i shoved that phone up your @ss you'd drive better!"