I Almost Drowned To My Death

I believe i was either 6 or 7.
I went on a family camping trip that we have every end of the summer in august. The sun was always hot :)

I remember I was in the lake just having fun and my mom warned me to not take of my life vest. As stubborn and ignorant as i was i took it off just to feel the water in a more free way.
I was playing around the edges and didn't realize how far i was going, that was until i found a weird current.
It was odd to me that water was flushing towards a dead end but the curiosity i had led me to check it out.
Apparently that water current pulled me in and I was stuck in a whorl pool, i remember struggling to swim to the surface by digging my nails in the mud just so i could pull my self up. I tried to scream for help but all i saw was my mom and my family talking amongst each other with a boom box blasting latin music.
Which sucked for me...
But as i tried to pull myself up... I have a weird but vivid memory that someone helped me up.. I wasn't sure who it was.. But i couldn't make up if it were my brother or
I don't really believe in this religion but... Dare i say it "jesus" ..
I don't know.. Its like little detail of my memory was tampered with.
Could have been extra terrestrials dressing as those we are familiar with. I don't know. But i never forgotten this.
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It's Jesus, it shows he loves you it wasn't time for you to die , if your family couldn't hear you there's no way your brother could , the fact that you were really young and innocent, Jesus loves all his children he saved your life, and I think you should also give your life to him

And I'm happy your alive nos