The Not Funny Joke

most people go through life without even having one near death experience, and they usually don't have them too young. when i had mine, i was little. not like, baby-not-in-school little, but like grade 5. I had been on the computer in the morning before school, eating cereal and playing games. My sister (who was in grade 3 I believe) put some piece of metal she found on the floor in my cereal, as a joke. I was preoccupied playing games on the computer to even notice, and when I went to eat my cereal, I ended up eating that piece of metal. It was a very sharp, large piece aswell. I couldn't breathe, and it was lodged in my throat, cutting it. My brother hit my back repeatively, more out of spite of panic and not knowing what else to do. After what felt like forever, but was really probably a minute, I threw it up in my sink. I had to spend two days in the hospital, because my throat had been so badly cut. I seriously thought I was going to die, just because my sister tried to play a little joke.

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yikes for you.... sounds severly pianful...<br />
<br />
i also feel so bad for ur sister- if i did tht to my big brother, id probably turn emo or something from the guilt