Dog Attack!!

It was June 18, one day right after my birthday. I was going to my friend Ashley's house to show her my new birthday present. I was at the sidewalk in front of her house, when I saw my nieghbor's dog sitting in her front lawn. My neighbors had a 3 foot fence, and the dog was a big dog. He jumped over it often. The dog was a chow mix, and was very territorial, and it was a really hot day. I had pet and played with the dog often before, and he knew me very well. I pulled on his collar, trying to get him to go across the street. The dog licked my arm, but would not budge. I shrugged my shoulders, petted the dog on the head lightly, then turned to go to the backyard with my friend, who was waiting for me by her fence for she had seen me. I take about two steps, and am on the grass. I suddenly feel a heavy thing on my back, knocking me down to the ground. I feel claws dig into my back. I roll over, and stick my arms under the dog, trying to push him off. The dog goes to bite my throat, and I instinctively put my arm there. I feel a sharp pain as the flesh is ripped from my arm. I see the blood seep out of the wound. I bring my good arm back up, my elbow protecting my neck, and my arm protecting the left side of my face. The dog goes for my eye. I close it, and feel as his claw sinks into my eyelid. I turn my head to the left, which is facing the street, I see the neighor's teenage son across the street, the dog's owner, mowing the lawn. I then remember Ashley. Ashley was only 8 at the time, for she was quite younger than me. She just stood there, a look of fright on her face. I knew I had to get her out of there, so I yell, "Ashley, Go Get Help!!" I then face the street again and yell to the boy mowing the lawn, "Help! Help!" The boy doesn't hear, and keeps on going about his mowing. His back is turned to me. I somehow knew that this was it, nobody was coming, and the dog wasn't going to stop. I knew I was going to die. It was a strange feeling.  I closed my eyes, as I felt my lower lip being ripped off by the dog's teeth, my chin being chewed off, and the blood seeping onto my shirt and my body and hair.  I grew numb, and the terrible pain stopped. I could no longer feel anything, and my soul seemed to leave my body. But then, I heard a yelp as the dog's heavy form was pulled off of me and he was forced back by a shovel. It was the nieghbor. He had seen his dog attacking something and he ran in to get his parents, when they got closer, they saw to their fright that it was me. I felt my dangling bottom lip bumping against my chin and going into the deep slash that was there, the pain came back. I do not remember crying, but I do not know if I was or not. I felt a deep slash on my eyelid, and tried to open it, it barely did, and everything from that eye was blurry. I brought my left arm down to reveal a normal left half of a face, and I could see. Ashely's mom soon came out of the front door and handed me several washcloths. I felt hands putting a washcloth around my arm. I just kept on saying, "I'm fine, really." I hate it when people feel sorry for me. My mother was fetched from my house, and I got into the back of the car. The motion of standing nearly made me sick to my stomach. I laid down in the back of the van as my mom drove to the hospital. I will never forget that the first time she saw me laying on the sidewalk, her first words were, "Oh, ****!" I didn't know what she was referring to by them. I ended up having 50 stiches. I had to have plastic surgery to have my bottom lip sewn on. I still cannot see as strongly out of my right eye, but I have made due without glasses. I had gashes on the top of my head, and the sides of my head from when I had been smothered into the pavement by the dog. The blood left a large stain on my shirt, the sidewalk, and some parts of the grass. The city replaced the sidewalk. My story was never published in a newspaper or on the news. I am rather glad. I really just want to forget the whole ordeal. It was a freak accident, and the only things I really regret about it is that Ashley saw it, and the dog was put down. I still defend the dog to this day, and still love mine to death. I have no fear of them, but Ashley is another story. She would not go near another dog for a year, and is still scared of big dogs today. My aunt and uncle (who had forgotten my birthday), got me a parakeet, whom I named Skye. I still have her and love her to death. I hope the dog can forgive me for costing it its life. I may sound like I am trying to feed you a line of bull, but every word I type now comes from the bottom of my memories, and the bottom of my heart. Looking back on the incident now, I remember no pain, no panic, and no fear, and although it may sound very queer indeed, I only remember feeling a sense of peace. I cannot say that I wish it didn't happen, for if it didn't, I would not have my beloved Skye. Sometimes I have nightmares about the incident, and in them I talk to the dog and tell it sorry. I don't know why, but I will always understand why the dog attacked me, and will never understand why it was put to sleep. In Heaven I hope to romp and play with it again. I guess the main thing this event has taught me is that if you try hard enough, anyone or anything can be forgiven, always.

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Oh, so many questions I would love to ask you.
You wrote: "I pulled on his collar, trying to get him to go across the street. The dog licked my arm, but would not budge. I shrugged my shoulders, petted the dog on the head lightly, then turned to go to the backyard with my friend" -
The dog was on your way, and would not move, because he was saying 'its my ground', then you petted him on the head, which cn be seen by the dog in two different ways -
a) by pettinghim you are aproving his behaviour and saying 'good boy, to be territorial and not moving is good!'


b) To some dogs, to pet them on the top of the head is a sign of dominance over them,

then you turned around and then it was when he saw it as a great opportunity to attack. Did you see the white part of his eyes when you were petting him ? If you did, you were petting a pissed off, territorial dog that was trying to tell you to get out of his patch, you reinforced and approved his behaviour by petting him, and when you turned around he thought : 'OK, I had enough of this, you are ignoring my message, I am going to show you whose the boss! '. When you turned around, he saw it as if you were running away from him, so he chased like pray. It could had happened with any, and I mean, any dog breed! I hate to judge animals, because they are wonderful beings, but we humans fail miserably to read all the signs, they comunicate with their eyes, body language, ears, tails... Many are not vocal, so most of the time they are showing all the signs that we are ******* them off but we just do not know how to interpret their message. All the best.

And by the way, to know the dog for many years does not mean a thing, because dogs see every member of their pack in a hierarchy, the master (the human owner), and the others that can be members of a family or other dogs. Your assertiveness and body language and behaviour will tell to the dog what is your position in the hierarchy rank. I am almost sure that to that dog, you were bellow him in that hierarchy rank, so the moment you stopped showing him (the dog) submission, things went very wrong. But this is all preventable, the more you read and study about dog behaviour, the better. I the future, when you have your children, please make sure to teach them to read dog's body language. Animals communicate just like us, but not with words! Animals try so hard to communicate with us, but we just don't see it and ignore the signs. Read the books and watch the shows by Cesar Millan, you will learn so much!

I am amazed at how forgiving you are. It takes a special person to forgive like you have. Maybe if the owner would not have let the dog outside itself with such a small fence, that would not have happened. I'm glad you're okay.

I have never been bitten by a dog (thankfully) but it must have been an experience you will never forget but dogs make mistakes just like us (maybe the dog had a reason or it might have been frightened of something)! But sometime its not the dogs that are wrong it is the way the owner treats them but from what i have read the owner is not a bad one! It must have been quite a hard descision for him to put the dog down but im sure the dog never meant it! But im pretty scared of dogs like pitbulls and rottweilers since they are vicious but you cant jude a dog by its breed or appreance! I have witnessed dog attacks and nearly all of them the owners were not stable enough to have a dog because of theire behaviour! Your a very amazing and confident girl beacuse if i was you right now i would never go near a dog again but everyone different! Hope next time you have better birthday! :D

I am quite appalled of the fact that you still have dogs around you, you are quite an amazing individual. My dog bite experience was horrific to say the least. I was at a friend's house late night with my husband, we were having such a great time, had a couple of drinks, relaxed and we were seating on bar stools, meaning the dog could be pet, but could not reach my face, until we decided to seat in the living room to test out the new flat tv and sorround system. I was a little tipsy and did not see a dog bite coming. At this moment I was at eye level with the dog, meaning that this time it could reach my face, it happened so quickly that I did not realize what was going on, and to this date I have no idea as to why the dog attacked me, I heard screams, then I saw a piece of my lip flying around and caught by the dog's mouth, warm blood running down, my face. I thought it was a nightmare and I wanted to wake up, but unfortunately it wasn't. The piece taken from my lip was about 1 inch in length when I went to the ER. The surgeon told me it was best to not attach the missing piece back on for the fact that my body might reject it, the piece was purple (looked dead). I am not upset at the dog, however I am upset at the dog's owner for having a dog who has bitten before aroung strangers, instead of locking it up. My fear of dogs I am afraid will never cease, I will never look at another dog the same way again, no matter what breed or size it is. I am planning on having kids, and I am afraid my fear of dogs will pass on to my kids as well because of what I went through, I will never let my kids near a dog ever. I have been going to a psychologist, but I dont think my fears of an imminent dog attack happening to me or my loved ones will disappear anytime soon, or ever. We must realize that animals are unpredictible, and dog bites are preventable, the owners are at fault, not the dog. If I ever got a dog as a pet, I would only blame myself if anything were to happen, that is a risk I am not willing to take. Good day, and Take care.

Oh, sorry, Skitty. That is not my belief. I believe all animals have souls. If they did not, there would be no point at all in us living on Earth. I believe the dog to the horse to the tiny misquiteo have souls and should be respected until they disrespect you, like when they try to suck your blood. I hope that the dog that attacked me is in Heaven now. I had made my parents promise me in the hospital that they would not press charges and put the dog to sleep, but by then the owners had already voluntarily taken it in. If there is a no pet sign on Heaven, I'll stay on Earth thank you.

Heh heh srry to say, but dogs dont go to heaven. They have no souls and are not allowed. Well, if you ask God he might allow it...

thanx. Dogs can be aggreassive but not all are bad. My dog for instance is a viscious guard dog but when you walk into the house, he is suddenly a lap dog. lol.

awws, im so sorry abt ur birdy. she's in a better place now.<br />
<br />
abt the dog tho.... *shudders. i h8 dogs, they scare th crap outta me

I have some sad news. In the experience it says how I got a bird as a get well present. I have three cats, and a few days ago there was a storm. The cats hate thunder. The power went out. My dad was at work, I was at my mom's. My bird, being the little escape artist she is, got out of her cage. My dad found her dead the next morning. I've been crying for the last few days. I loved my bird. I'm really depressed right now. Just thought I would let you guys know. As it goes with the experience.

I have never been bit by a dog...that sounds so terrible. It is a huge thing to get through. Very incredible that you have the outlook that you do. Caring for the dog and all.

I've been scared of dogs my whole life, no matter if it's a big or a tiny dog. I don't think I willl ever stop being scared of them. but I'm glad to hear you are okay. But I don't understand why the dog attacked you, the dog knew you and used to play with you so why would it do something like that??

My goodness, DustyGirl...<br />
What an experience!!!<br />
How good that you don't hold it against the dog; yet I have to wonder why an animal that you knew would do this...<br />
<br />
I also was frightened by a big Labrador dog when I was about 7 years old; and to this day (experienced only yesterday again) when a dog rushes up to a fence orgate as I walk past and makes like he's going to EAT me, I have shivers go all through me - indicating I still have an unresolved fear of vicious dogs. Yet my son had a pit-bull which on first meeting me warned me off in no uncertain manner - but over a few years, as my son visited us, she got to love me, as I gave love and kindness to her... when she died, she came to stay in our garden for a few weeks, which was so touching (my wife was clairvoyant and could see her and communicate).