Vanilla Sky

I remember it like yesterday, though it was years ago now. I was driving home from my friend's place very early in the morning. I guess it had rained a bit the night before- not enough to notice but enough to cause the roads to be sleek.

I was changing freeways as my car started to hydroplane on the shoulder. It was a quick moment and it was if I was in two minds at once. One part of me saw it was clear that I could do nothing and panicked for a second and let go realizing this was it. But the other part stayed clear and calm and without even thinking of how to move the wheel, happened to bring the car back under control.

As I pulled away, still a little oblivious to what had happened or if I had survived, I looked down at the ditch where I would have fallen. I saw a car that looked exactly like mine. I looked away and back several times thinking it must have been in my mind but it wasn't. A car like mine was flipped over in the ditch and police had the area blocked off. I walked through the rest of the day wondering if I had really crashed. Like in the movies where people don't know they are dead because they weren't ready to let go or something. It stayed with me strong for a while. Seeing the movie Vanilla Sky and questioning everything. I sometimes still question this life on rare occasions, though I know it must have just been a strange coincidence.
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wow. you are very lucky.