Jesus Light the Way... encounter with near death experience-was beyond near death...I was taken to a place where all Souls go, without the Grace of God's Light: Empty Dark and alone. That is what was revealed to me the day I died, from an overdose... What I re-call, and at the time- I was having 'a very good time', it was my 50th birthday, and I wanted it all to be the best party ever for this special event...the details of events leading to my silent departure(I call it) because everyone at the party was having such a good time they cared less where or what came of me as the party moved on into the early hours of the morning, at the time I vanished from the main body of the party center, I recall slipping into a parked van, just outside the entrance to the bar...I did my thing...and made a silent departure into nothingness...I mean exactly what I said-NOTHINGNESS(Nothingness, means BLank:Seperated from God's Eternal Light of Life, true meaning: Living Hell is the result of existing with one's self and nothing else but you and Nothing-Ever! with just a mind, and nothing else-no physical body, no awareness other than total blackness-darkness-emptiness-blacker then any known blackness, known to man! I think I was screaming for help-knowing I was within myself, I mean I could hear the action of my voice, but not sound was being made...unless you were there with me -you have no idea what I felt... hopelessness, and fear gripped my soul in a black motionless prison. Somehow I knew - I was nothing in nothing. Alone with only me and my panic terror. An empty darkness-beyond any darkness we in human form could ever comprehend. In a tearless moment of despair a pin light the size of a keyhole appeared from no where,  then a voice spoke from within the pin light and said, this was my living darkness, if I chose the same path of life I was living on Earth...I pleaded for my salvation - for another chance and prayed to the all Mighty God to save me from this Dark Hell...some time later this pin light appeared to inlarge, what followed soon after was full recovery weeks after my return from beyond my near death the years that followed that fateful day I have come to know the truth of God's Light, with His Grace- never to return to the dark side, ever again! I hope you, my Brothers and Sisters, never have to experience what awaits those who walk outside the Light of Jesus. The Dark Side? You Don'd Want to Go There-Ever!
Hikrow Hikrow
66-70, M
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I drowned and went threw the light at the end of the tunnel into the darkness and found myself in the embrace of the Dark Goddess. I felt that I had come home and never wanted to leave. My reaction was very differnt then yours. I don't know why for sure, but my experience could not have been more differnt. I FEEL in my core that the dark is as much a part of the whole of creation as the light. In essence I am not afriad of the dark. Differnt...

wow... i know exactly what you are describing,.... i have been in the emptyness as well and experienced what it is like with no senses... no touch, taste, smell, sight, or sound- there was a voice in mine as well(more like a form of conversing without sound- communication with something on another level on another plane?!) i cant explain it either, but i understand exactly what you mean<br />
its actually kind of intriguing and relieving to find more and more people who have experienced the same things-especially of this kind!!

I'm not quite sure to understand what you need to do to make sure you walk in the light of Jesus?


I did not want to read your story but I did, I know where your comin from as I have had the same thing happen that you have described, am not even going to tell my tale, reading yours is enough for me, I hope it pulls my socks up, my time is running out. xx