My Accident

I was on my way to work this last december, when I rear ended the car in front of me. I bounced off his back bumper and in trying to correct the car, I over corrected and flew in the air and rolled 4 times before landing on the tires. I was pretty shaken up and some choice words were flying through my head a mile a minute. I literally couldn't move. I was trapped inside my car, like some prisoner held captive by a demented captor. My body went into shock, so much was going on that I couldn't take it. I wanted to just get out of the car, like I had always done, but I was pretty much trapped in my car and the jaws of life were used to get me out of the car. The whole time in the car I was so scared. The windows all around me were shattered. The doors wouldn't open, and the roof of the car was dented in. The seat beat I wore, dug into my skin, like a boa strips it prey of life. I was literally trapped with no way of getting out.  The Firefighter had to use the jaws on both doors. I thought Oh God, my life is over. Here was some piece of giant metal cutting away emphatically trying to reach me. All the while I was amazed at how little time it took for the accident to happen and then end. I tried to piece together all that had trully happened, and since the accident took less than 45 secs to occur, there were lapses in all that had happened. It came flooding back in little sequences of thought. All the while I thought I was going to die, I was scared, and i was conscious for the whole thing and I remembered every single detail of what happened. There were so many emotions that flooded my mind instantly. I grew scared thinking of how I my life so far was a disappointment. I wanted so much for the nightmare to be over. I still think of just how close I came to death. I shouldn't have made it out like I did....
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thnk the lord ur alive