I was buzzing above the shai-i-not valley in afghanistan, we where going on a little raid, that was suppose to be all planned, with air support, artillery pre-registered/ dedicated to our support.


So we're all cocky and confidant and ****, joking around in the helo.


then the inside of the helo is getting filled with fluff and ****, and sunlight is streaming in from little holes....a DsHk (dushku) heavy machine gun is just RIPPING into us. The door gunner is dead. 2 other are wounded already.


the helo pilot starts sinking the thing to try and hide us behind the mountians.


BOOOOOM! the whole thing shakes like it was hit by the fist of an angry God....lol RPG-7 hit, takes out the rotors...we now drop like a rock to the mountian face.


great, ******* great. We are a helo sillouetted on a ridge with a HMG and RPG's coming at us. we have 1 dead and 2 wounded already, out of 16.


Now we come under tonnes of fire, small arms (Ak's, RPK's) the DsHk HMG and the random RPG-7 just keep things fun....the platoon commander decides we need to get out of the helo, as its just a big target, and kill them!


good idea, but executing is SCARY!...we drop the ramp at the back of the helo, and jump out...greeted by heavy gunfire..


Doing this, 4 men take wounds. 1 critical, 3 walking wounded.


For a quick moment, all I can think of is that girl I kissed at a party just before I left for this deployment. (she is now my GF) and that I really wanted to make it home to see her. This somehow gives me a bit more **** YEAH attitude...I'm sure the Adderall they gave us pre raid diddnt hurt either.


back to the reality of it. I'm laying prone with no cover being shot at from about 120 degrees on my front. (big area to try and spot and make kills in) SHOOOOOOOOOOOOMP BOOOOOOOOOOM! another RPG. I can hear the bullets ZOOOOOOOOMP! over my head, but the gunfire it self is quiet as its fairly far away.


our commander is on the radio, trying to get help. Long story short, no help for now...they dont want to risk any more assets being lost, and cant fire artillery with us being unable to give our exact grid and observe/walk it in as it would risk killing us.


at this point i'm like "gaddamnit I haet talibans!", yes, you where right to read that in a cartman voice. I have my team (fireteam for americans, 4 people) put fire towards the DsHK...its bunkered down, but hell, maybe one will find its way though the slit.


We stop that after 10 rounds each, as we need to conserve ammo. It was to little effect except to provide a 15 second break in the dshk firing at us.


platoon comd tells us we gotta fight our way up there and kill that bunker. More or less a recap of the old WWII quote "gentlemen, we are being killed on the beach, lets go inland and get killed"


So we advance slowly, moving from piece of cover to piece of cover with leap frogging/ one team fires to shut em up, one moves to cover.


the thing you need to remeber is the DsHK is a HEAVY machine gun. It fires a bullets that maybe 8 times more powerful then a regular hunting rifle, which in turn is about 4 times more powerful then a 5.56mm used in the AR-15 series of weapons. Its REALLY intimidating, and our body armour provides ZERO protection from it.


we do this until we are in grenade launcher range. the grenadier gathers up all his courage. (damn he must have balls of cast iron) stands up into the fire, and lets one rip.



BOOOM! no more DsHk. Needless to say, we are happy now.


command now allows a medevac for our wounded, and brings in more troops, we hunt the rest down.


when I finally got back, I noticed my pack had a few holes ripped into it, from the DsHk...if it would of been an inch or two lower, I'd be a mess of blood, bones, brain and spine like you'd see on a shock site.


ah well, I made it back, and got a cool story out of it. so **** it, I aint gonna let this traumatize me. Just harden me and help me not fear anything, cause if I can run up a mountian at a HMG, I can do fukken anything.



spunned spunned
Feb 19, 2009