When I Was Five, I Fell Backwards Off the Top of a High Dive

I was attending my weekly swimming practice. This one was a little different though.

I had not seen my mother for about a year. I lived with my dad and we had not heard from her what so ever. After practice was over, us kids were allowed to jump off of the high dive diving board one time. This was my second time doing this, I felt like a pro already. I was climbing up up up with my wet little hands and feet, reached the top, looked around and in the bleachers I saw no one other than my mother. I was so excited that she was here to see me! I took one hand off the side railing to wave at her, and right when she was about to do the same thing back, I flew backwards, dropping about 15 feet and landing onto the HOT cement head first. According to my father, who thankfully is a paramedic, I had hit the ground and there was a moment of complete silence. While I lay there lifeless, my dad jumped up from his seat and rushed over and began splashing cold water onto me or else my skin would have burned off. Then he scooped me up, ran me over to his truck and "hauled ***" to the hospital. He said he did it himself because the ambulance would have taken too long, even though there was one literally across the street. The next thing I remember was waking up 3 days later on my couch. I was delerious, I couldn't eat solids or stand up straight. I had a concussion and slightly cracked the base of my skull, but other than that I was completely fine. Who knows what damage that may have done to my learning/vocational skills? I was too young to tell and I will never know. Funny thing is that I didn't see my mom for another few years after that.

Mother, always my bad luck charm.

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No, this is just an accident which I believe you would not deny too. It is not your mother or your father who did it to you. Nevertheless, I am not confused why you hadn't meet your Mum for yeara.! What I can say is she loves you, so she was there to see your high jump. I believe, you stay in touch with your mother at the earliest.

that sounds horrific! not quite the nde i had in mind - you know tunnel with the light at the end-but certainly sounds like you were close to death