Drug Overdose

It was a Saturday night. Like many other nights I was hitting lines with my boyfriend at the time Ryan. The gals called and wanted us to go out. I haven’t seen them for a while. Coco my best friend informed me she had ecstasy and wanted to take them later.

Ryan wanted to stay in but usually cocaine makes make anxious. We hit the night clubs. An hour before closing the gals took their pills. It was 3 hours since my last hit. All the girls ended up at Coco’s. I was started to come down. I could see Ryan wasn’t having much fun and wanted to go home. More people started coming in. It was one of those moments when you’re chasing a high. I was a little drunk and didn’t want the party to end. I eventually convinced Ryan to stay and take a pill. At first we were reluctant b.c of the coke early. The room was glowing with disco lights and the music was intense. I didn’t want to go home so we each took a pill. Another hour went by. Everyone was dancing, messaging etc. I was getting upset and wanted to feel the same high. I was a little mad that Ryan wasn’t paying attention to me. I popped another one. I couldn’t move. I was by the stereo all night. My friends would come by and check up on me. I told them to leave me alone. It was at morning people were leaving. My girlfriends ended up lying next to me. I was rumbling words. Don’t remember what I said specificlly. Finally Ryan said "come on you had enough I’m taking you home". We got into the car. It was now day light. I was short of breath and my vision blurry. I kept telling him to drive faster. My head was hurting so much. We got home and I was pale as hell. He made me drink water but I couldn’t take any thing down. My fingers curled up. Needless to say we were both scared. He said I’m taking you to the hospital. I’m sure the ride was only 7 mins which seemed like a lifetime. He was driving and my head was on his lap with my fingers curled up. I couldn’t move them. Inside I truly thought I would end up brain dead. My whole body was frozen I couldn’t panic. I was slipping in and out of conscious. It was like an out of body experience. I could see a warm light above. Somehow I know it was heaven and I felt safe but was fighting to stay alive. I asked the lord to help save me. As Ryan rush me in the hospital this was what I remembered.   ·        Oxygen mask as a nurse trying to put it on me ·        Doctors and nurses pulling on my clothes ·        Doctors say “I’m going to give you a shoot of morphine” ·        Someone telling Ryan it was too late ·        Ryan yelling at me to wake up ·        Ryan shaking me in and out of conscious ·        The doctors asking him to leave ·        More doctors coming in ·        Hearing the doctor voice "I'm giving you  more morphine" ·        Ryan yelling at me over and over ·        A tube put down the throat ·        Later my body filling up with mud (they were pumping my body)   Somehow it ended. I woke up in a hospital with Ryan by my side.  My doctor said I flat line twice. They had to jumpstart my heart (which I didn’t remember). He said he thought his last shoot of morphine kill me. Said I was very lucky to be alive. I thank all the doctors and nurses who save my life and I especially thank Ryan. I’m so sure if he wasn’t in the room shaking me I would have never made it.
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I'm very glad you pushed through this! You probably do need to update your story a bit. You probably thought you heard morphine, but I guarantee that is not what they gave you. Especially repeated doses! However, glad you are ok.

Morphine lover ;)

You're story is BULLSHIT! Why the ******* would a doctor give your stupid *** morphine when your already dugged the ******* out!!!???? You would be dead if you truly were overdosing. Get lost u ******* i n g attention seeking monkey!

yeah umm i know for a fact that this story is true. i am ryan. so dont try tellin her that her story is fake.

I have never heard of a doctor giving you Morphine when you are flat lining. They give Epinephrine (EPI); and/or, I believe, Atropine, stimulants, not downers.

thank u so much 4 this, i wish that u respect ur life after this! thank god u have a bf like ryan, he cared 4 u so much! bless u

It's interesting to see how many people had an at least somewhat possitive near death experience. I too have taken one of those darkest of rides to the ER while oding on a grab bag of substances. In the end it was the lithium toxicity on top of everything esle that was probably what screwed up my heart. I was semi suicidal at the time, which perhaps colored the experience pluss I saw my death coming while I was in the abulance. I knew enough to understand what the numbers on the heart machine meant. My pulse was over 180, radically skipping beats and my blood preassure was extremly low, something like 70/4o which terrified me. That and the extremely worried and frantic look on the EMT's face led me to the conclusion I might not make it through this. Included in the cocktail I had taken was LSD and PCP so my mind was already a shattered and confusing place even before I realized I was in real trouble. I must say what I saw as my condition deteriorated was not at all warm, or inviting. My vision was the first thing to go out on me. It began becoming extremely smeared, an extreme version of the trails one sees on acid but it rapidly deteriorated. It began to strobe and grow dimmer. Sound also began to get choppy and incomprehensible. Then my vision went out completely on me, just black. I think I was at the hospital at this point but I was no longer aware of my surroundings. It was just me in my little inner world in a completely shattered state of conciousness. I don't know when I lost awareness as such, but I did. It just sort of disintegrated on me, rather than going out like when you fall unconcious from sleep or anasthetic. The experience finally transformed into a sureal and poignant rehash of some moments in my life that included memories I hadn't even thought of in decades and probably could not have recalled if I had tried under other circumstances. The memories were vivid but disjointed. They were first person perspective like I was reliving and more importantly feeling them yet simultaneously I was also looking at them as if from a far. I remember a sense of fear and regret and wondering what my last thought would be. At one point it seemed like reality or rather my conciousness was strobbing backwards in time. The memories grew dimmer and more confusing, more disjointed and increasingly rushed. I think this must be what people describe when their life flashes before their eyes. I have no idea how long this lasted for, time was severly warped or to be more precise the experience was pretty much timeless. The experience ended in blackness or rather nothingness. No conciousness at all. Like being asleep without dreams. Like the switch finally just cut out. The doctors got my heart going and stabalized again sometime during all of this. When I finally awoke I found myself strapped to gurney and very dissorientated needing to urinate painfully, probably from all the IV fluids. The entire ordeal I was told lasted under and hour once I reached the ER but I think more likely than not the experience of my life flashing by probably spanned the very short period of time when my heart flatlined I didn't see any sort of tunnel or light or feel any sort of warm or inviting feeling but the experience was definately profound and disturbing. I didn't have any sort of out of body experience, but rather the sensation that my body wasn't there at all followed by dimming and then nothingness, not even thought or conciousness. They say that the vast majority of people who flatline don't have any sort of near death experience at all. I think I would have vastly prefered not to have been concious during this.

oh man that is seriously very sad and I'm happy that you made it alive. Ryan is a keeper. He was there in your low times...just imagine how he will be in your high times.. : )

oh man that is seriously very sad and I'm happy that you made it alive. Ryan is a keeper. He was there in your low times...just imagine how he will be in your high times.. : )

I had a near death experience doing drugs. It did change me. It took time to get out of that enviroment but I soon did make the changes I needed. I too,saw the entrance to heaven but I didnt want to come back. I wasnt living right but I still saw heaven, I wonder about that sometimes. I did do drugs but I also prayed at the time, I didnt lie or cheat and I guess that was good enough to barely make it. I was baptized when I was 10y, maybe that helped. <br />
I really dont know. That was 18yrs ago. I'm married 15yrs and have 2 children. God has been so good to me. I'm trying to do good things and help people etc. The next time I go to heaven I want him to be proud of some of the things Ive done. <br />
Thank you for sharing your story. Did you know God loves you so very much? You are very important to him. He will be there for you. You can't imagine how much he loves you and he wants the best for you. I hope this helps.

Glad you made it, not glad they unleashed this poison upon the youth. If you ever get the chance, help a friend, tell them not to take that stuff.

Have you learned your lesson<br />
<br />
Im glad you got a second chance

Man thats some scary. I'm so glad everything is going better. I admire you a lot because it takes real strength to share a life impacting story such as that. Kudos you may have saved another person from a similar experience.

I don't mind at all helpless. You can email too if you would like.Good luck on your project.

Nicely written story. I'm so glad you made it, even though I've never met you! Your will to stay alive must have been very strong seeing as you flatlined twice :O I wish you all the best and I hope your friends learned a lesson too. Take care and thank you for sharing!

Thanks Dave. At first I didn't was still at the "dumb" stage doing drugs. Didn't stop this lifestyle for a while.

OMG That is scary...you really are lucky to be alive. Has it altered your outlook on life? Nicely written by the way.