when I was 7 years old I went to a community pool with my mom, there were two pools one for little kids and the other one for adults.

I wanted to go to the big pool because I thought I knew how to swim,my mom told me not to and said to stay in the little kids pool while she goes to the bathroom.When my mom left I went to the bigger pool because i was to stubborn. There were only a few people talking in one side of the pool so I decide to get in, when i got in it wasn't that deep until I started walking a little further and I couldn't reach the floor I started drowning.

I was desperate,and just keep trying to stay on the surface nobody seem to notice what was happening until a woman saw me and helped me. My mom was super mad with me for what I did.
I honestly thought I was going to die.

thank you for reading🙂.
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So many things your parents tell you to do and what not.. you get mad and upset about it, but you don't know how much they're trying to protect you. No matter how old you are.