I Hit a Wall At 30 Miles An Hour.

This year, on Father's Day (June 18), I came so close to ?dieing? that my roommate actually thought I was dead.  I was out riding ATV's with my roommate, one of my close friends, and his dad.  Well, after riding for about 4 hours we decided to go home.  It was a really hot day and very arid - this was in Pueblo, CO.  Well, as we were getting ready to load up the ATVs, we noticed that someone had a Ford Bronco out on the course and they got stuck in a ravine - so we decided to go down and help.  My friend Josh, my roommate, and I all rode down to were the Bronco was stuck.  I was the last one down.  Now, I don't remember what actually happened after this part because I blacked out, but this is my roommates account:

I was behind my roommate and coming around him on his right side, riding through a huge dust cloud.  I was hauling *** - like 30 mph.  Well, apparently there was a ravine that was about 10 feet wide and 10 feet deep with very steep sides.  Almost like a small canyon.  Well, I guess I didn't see it because I almost jumped it.  Only, I there wasn't enough of a launch.  I can remember one split second where I was in the air thinking "**** - this is gonna hurt".  Then next thing I know, I am laying on my side against this 60 degree embankment with my propped up on my left arm.  I couldn't breathe, I was coughing up blood and had blood running down my face.

After that, the next thing I know, I woke up in the ICU at the hospital and had no idea why I was there.  The doctor tells me I had an accident riding an ATV.  I asked him what was wrong with me.  I had 6 broken ribs, 11 broken transverse processes on my spine, 2 pelvis fractures, a skull fracture, 2 punctured lungs, and a broken thumb.  I had chest tubes on both sides, and a constant morphine drip.

Apparently, when my ATV hit the opposite side of the ravine, I went over the handle bars face first into the wall.  Then, the ATV kicked upward from the back, crushing me against the wall even harded, then flipped over and landed above me outside the ravine.  I am sure you can imagine how much force it took to do that.

Well, after 5 days in the ICU, I was moved to the trauma ward.  I started physical therapy twice a day.  I couldn't even roll onto my side without serious pain, but I had to to get out of bed.  Then, I had to use a walked to walk.  Well, I didn't actually walk - I shuffled my feet for a distance of about 10 feet and then had to go back to bed because I was too tired.  I couldn't breathe.  After 5 days of this, I decided I wanted to go home, and they let me.

It has now been almost 4 months since the accident.  I am back to work, I can walk fine on my own, and for the most part am back to normal.  I am still on pain pills 24 hours a day because of the muscle damage in my back, and I am permanently deaf in my left ear (because of the skull fracture).  But, I am extremely grateful to even be alive, and with every step I take, I remember what it was like to not be able to walk.  Or stand up.  Or breathe normally.


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4 Responses Oct 6, 2006

Aaron, that was an amazing recovery. All the best.

Wow! Amazing story!! Truly! I'm so glad that you came out alive and are recovering so nicely!

Wow! Amazing story!! Truly! I'm so glad that you came out alive and are recovering so nicely!

WOW - thats really intense!!! What a crazy thing to go through!! I'm pleased that you have almost fully recovered. Do you find you have a new found apreciation for life? Do you look at life differently now?