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I Died And Was Revived

i had double pneumonia and my heart stopped and i was revived by that guy you always hear say charging --clear-ZAP.
i was in the hospital in Raleigh north Carolina.i was having trouble breathing and i lapsed into and out of consciousness.
one time my heart stopped and they had to restart it. so for a couple of minutes  i was dead.
people have asked me did you see a bright light or did you go to heaven .? my answer was no i didn't.
i was not aware  of anything that was going on at the time. 

aniowagirl aniowagirl 66-70, F 5 Responses Jan 26, 2010

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i do know several people in and around Raleigh people i am talking about.

Moot point --- SCC was a month ago. Oh well.

I've done the "clinically dead" thing as well (motorcycle crash), and the only "bright white light" that I saw was the halogen examination lamp overhead in the ER. <br />
<br />
With that said, I am not "religious" and my experience was not "mystical" per se, but it certainly seemed like some sort of spiritual "wake-up call" that motivated me to make more than a few "changes" in my life.<br />
<br />
On a related note, I have a couple of trans friends in NC. Perhaps we know the same people? Are you going to SCC next week?

i wish. I no longer live in Raleigh. i certainly eenjoyed the years i lived there tho.

How refreshing not to hear a story taken from religious education classes!

nothing it was like i was sound asleep and i was not aware of anything going on around me.

What happened when you were dead?