Dog Had Kill in it's eyes

 My Story it was June 17TH 2005 it was hot and muggy and my beloved pitbull Mercedes was in heat so i decided to take her for a swim around 11.00 pm after she was done i took her out of the river and attempted to put on her leash she grabbed it in her mouth and pulled back i said no Mercedes and tried again this time she lunged and grabbed my left forearm it was shocking never showed aggresion towards me before she pulled so heard it brought me to my knees at that point i started yelling at her to stop but it seemed she got more into the attack after realizing this was'nt going to stop i tried punching,poking the eyes and prying her mouth open none of it worked and i was getting weak from blood loss and i was 220 pounds at the time she was 90 pounds pulling me viciously acroos the street so i covered my face and neck with my arms was not gonna let her bite my face off i knew i needed someone to help me but who? i was on a dark corner and it was very late at night and i remember feeling no pain at all just trying to survive i looked up the street for headlights and when i finally seem some coming down i frantically with all my strengh pulled myself to my feet and my flesh slipped out of her mouth and started waiving at the vehicle flesh hanging down off my arms and they stopped looked and drove away i collapsed and covered my face and looked for the next set of lights as i seen another car coming i somehow got to my feet again and started waiving they stopped looked and drove away i went back down and covered my face and neck the whole time i was waiving cars down she was ripping apart my legs finally someone stopped they started yelling at the top of there lungs how i know this is because when i seen him on the news getting his award for saving a strangers life i left him a message and he called back that night he said he could'nt find a weapon so he had steel toe boots on and kicked her in the head still did not let go and then he took a run and really connected she let go walked about 10 feet and turned around and looked at both of us as he helped me to his truck these kind of poeple we need in this world i spent 2 months in hospital 2 skin graphs 5 surguries on the surgeon's notes it said when i arrived had no pulse and very little blood left i can remember being in the ambulance and could not hear anything it was silent but i could see everyone rushing around me and then blackness was in coma for 1 week when i woke they had to explain what happened i could'nt believe it tears came to my eyes after the told me they shot Mercedes dead my nieghbours said it was inhumane the way they did it  Mercedes made it home and was lying on the porch they just walked up and shot her twice with a nine and she walked to the side of the house and they shot her twice there and she went to the front porch they shot her 2 more times and she was still walking they waited for the officer with the rifle and shot her between the eyes it was front page news and made it nationally which i did not like because the media did'nt find me to comment they said i might very well be dead in the paper and they did'nt get all the facts before releasing the story.

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Your correct july sun soul i do not blame Mercedes at all she was abused by another owner before me that's 1 of the facts that was not printed in paper.I had her from 8 months old till she was just over 2 years he use to play really rough with her, also she was in humane society for various reasons 7 times before i got her (another fact missed in the paper) he did not get her tagged or licensed i did that the day i got her and the humane society did not tell me she was abused 7 times in 8 months. I was awarded 1.1 mil for pain and suffering.

remembering all dogs are decendents of the wolf, any dog is capable of attacking if they are triggered off by factors such as smelling/tasting blood etc. <br />
i think that although pitbulls were bred for fighting etc. it is not necessarily the breed -other factors come into it aswell. <br />
e.g. iv seem some really softie dobermans/rotweilers about.

Glad you're better now. You should educate the public about the folly in keeping attack dogs as pets.

I've got a daschound now :)

yeah that sucks thx appreciated hope your well :)

dont you just hate when they get the facts wrong.<br />
i hope you are better iam so sorry for what happend to you