Car Accident

I was in a car accident on October 2, 2009. I was on my way home from a college visit with my best friend and a cute boy she worked with that we talked into driving us. On the way home, we were hit by a trucker on a blind curve. He impacted the passenger side where I was in the front and my friend was in the back. The driver of our car was not wearing his seatbelt and was thrown in the back with minimal injuries. My best friend was killed. I was in critical condition, with two broken bones in my back, a partially collapsed lung, and a hole in my head the size of a silver dollar that caused a brain bleed and partial paralysis on the left side of my body. I told my mom when I was awakened from the medically induced coma a day later, that my gaurdian angel had taken me to the gate to heaven and told me I needed to come back and stay to help my little brother. I don't remember this. I had short-term memory loss and was on some pretty powerful drugs for pain at the time. But my mama told me this is what I said and I believe it. I only wonder if it wasn't my best friend, my Shanna, who took me to the gate and told me to turn back.

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Holy cow. I'm glad you're okay. Sorry for your friend.

I am doing a lot better physically. Still have many problems, but I am most definitely better. Emotionally I am better as well, but I'm weaker there than ever before.