Almost Died In Childbirth

Had the umbilical cord around my neck. Came out a blue baby, bruised, in incubatur for a week.
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So sorry to hear that. All the best.

They say that people who have had a difficult child birth and survived it are strong people. They thought I was dead before I came out. I was meant to be born at 10pm but the doctor was so late (it was by caesarean) that I was born at 3am instead. My mum was happy though because she had cried the next morning as all the other mothers held their babies thinking I hadn't made it, but she over heard two nurses talking at how one who had been there said, we were worried last night that this lady's baby died, the other lady said something about her saying it in front of mum, she said it's alright she doesn't understand, she doesn't speak any English. Mum was happy after that and they bought me to her later.<br />
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You must have been strong to have fought to live. Wow, you had a lot of determination. :)