in order of living nightmare

1975 was very upset over marys place and mum was in hospital having john as a baby, sex assualt by nurse
1976-77house fire , child sex abuse started with bill
1979 werners suicide, sex assault by 4 family members /inlaws
1983 depression set in
1986 depression, girls at school bashed me up so I left and dad collapsed at work
was unemployed afterwards during most of my teens
1990 car accident
1994 woman bashed me in city, met abusive therapist joyce
1996 rose in mental hospital having ect always stressed out no support ... it was just so upsetting taking my sisters little boy to see his mummy in hospital and have to explain why she couldn't come home with us...and she used to push him away and she used to push him away and say he was
full of germs and that upset me. she made all of us feel like we were full of germs and she was the perfect one having shock treatment purified her.
in 1997-98 i had a complete delirium n brokedown n i was living a life out of the video clip "Drive" by the was morbid scary n sad n no one cared.
1999 girl bashess me tries to run me over, sex assault me and says she is my evil twin and wants to marry guy flirting with me on my birthday to deliberately hurt me.
2000 raped as a virgin at 27 after having virginal circumsision and had a stroke

I have had no real support other than a child sex abuse support group during 1997-2003 and most of my so-called friends have back stabbed me, they are all real takers like all my relatives
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36-40, F
Jul 20, 2010