My Mums Having A Breakdown Help

My mum is having a mental or nervous breakdown. My stepdad has recently had a affair he is still living at home with my mum as she is not well. Basically Il tell you how it is. Mymum thought a year that my dad was having this affair for ages we thought she was going crazy when really she wasnt. she was adiment he had someone else but he worshiped my mum, and us kids. We even concidered sectioning my mum at one point but as my dad conviced her he wasnt cheating their relationship got better and it was all forgotten. We then discovered he actually was having the affair it took 2months for my mum to tell anyone that she found out about the affair by then again we thought she was insane. The guilt i feel for this is overwhelming. Now my mum is really sick, she cant do little tasks like shopping, she suffers for panic and anxiety attacks. The night tremors are awful she physically attscks herself and my dad to the point he needed a brain scan. I cant say i blame her but i understand its not healthy. This morning 4am my dad phoned me in a panic this is the worst she has ever been screaming, attacking and crying and talking in riddle to someone or something. Argueing with this person in her head. The old her i think. She seems possessed almost. I have taken her to a therapist, GP has refered her to all sorts but nothing is working its getting worse. We are concidering sectioning her but i dont want to as shes not crazy and its a hard decision. I just need guidance of how to help her. Im there for her as much as i can be as she has good support around her. She was so fun and bubbly and shes so beautiful all of that is gone in her now. i work with people who hae had breakdowns and they are not the same as they seeked help too late i dont want that for her. Please help me!!!!!!

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My mother has had a nervous breakdown she has not hurt no one but she has been in a mental hospital since January 2. My heart breaks when I see her because I am there with you, its just not my mom. I am on here searching because she gets to go home tomorrow as they have got her meds straight and said after recovery a long recovery that she should be 90 to 95 % better. my fingers are crossed.

You just said it yourself, if she doens't get the help now, her prognosis will be much worse. She needs to have the intensive care she needs. Medication and therapy. You can not just leave her suffering this way, it's hard to have to section her, but it's for her own good. Just make sure she goes to a good place, and be sure to tell her that you love her and just want her to get better.
Good luck, and best wishes. I hope your mom gets well soon.