It's The Simple Things.

Had such a beautiful experience today!

I couldn't donate plasma as planned so I started walking around and found this adorable white church with a red door. I never go to church formally, but there's something about churches I love. The dimness, the stained glass, candles, architecture, all that. Anyways.The door was open, and it was dark inside so I went in. (Something I usually am not ballsy enough to do but hey!) There was a guy playing organ, he looked startled when I came in and said, "May I help you?" I told him I was sorry to interrupt and asked if it'd be okay if I came in and listened. He told me I could and I thanked him.

I found a random pew and sat cross legged while he started playing Bach. It sounded like a whimsical sunshine carnival, seriously I cannot explain how awesome it was. For the next 30-45 minutes, I just sat and listened in meditation. Focused on my breath. It was so beautiful, I cried at points. The music, the way he played, the energy it brought me, and the fact that he let me share that moment with him so unexpectedly - it just made me feel really present and loved and blessed!

I'm so happy that things worked out so perfectly today in order for me to have this beautiful new experience outside my comfort zone :)
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nice story

I also think there is something about churches. I haven't practiced any formal religon in over 20 years, but I love visiting churches. The sound of an organ in a church is amazing. What a nice experience you had.