The Night In Hell That Won't Stop Repeating Itself... It Worries Me! Am I In For It?

I have resolved to writing about an experience I had which I thought was over but it so turns out it may not be so over as I thought. So today I am making a new entry to let off some steam and get this all off my chest before I explode. The bulk is at the bottom of all this but please if you will read all to get the full picture.

It could also be considered a cry in the dark because I am real worried about the whole situation to the extent where I think I may not exist beyond this weekend or not long after that..

First up it's related to another entry I made here where I wrote on the evning of the most terrifying night of my life. Even more terryfying than being electrocuted and even more terrifying than almost overdosing on illicit recreational drugs.

Hopefully if you're reading this you can after finishing go read the other entry that was posted in the wee hours of the morning back in April but I will be going even deeper into the whole issue in this article.

What happened was that back In late February.. around Feb 10th 2010 I escaped this terrible little city I live in to try and find a better life.. I never did like this place.

I headed off to sunny Edinburgh in the search for a job and tried hard to find one but that never happened. I was there for a good 2 months and all the while I was there I could feel a dark cloud over.. mostly because I am quite a sensitive guy and could sense something up while I was on the phone to mates from home.

By sensitive I mean I can and always have read people beyond their words.. most people say it's crazy but I know its not.

Though I had a strong feeling something was up I was still determined to get a job and try my hardest not to make myself look like a fool going all the way to Edinburgh and not even getting a job.

While there another thing was hanging over my head and that was what I was also running from.. my fear of the c***s who covertly tortured me from the tender youg age of 14 (hacking a 14 year olds computer too pedo f**ks).

Yes covertly tortured me by hacking my online accounts... stealing them.. sending me emails with short hypnotic stories on the bottom of them.. basically all round making me feel real depressed via the use of covert electronic abuse!!

I ran from them too and is another reason I was in Edinbrugh but all the while I was still determined as ever to get a job there. At the time I was living out of my mum's pocket too so my staying there totally depended on her!

Though eventually this is where the Edinburgh journey came to an end as after 2 months she started complaining every day about the money and doing everything in her power to make me think about coming home. Days of this went by while she kept reducing the amount of money she would give which in the end made me turn to a plane flight home.

I came home feeling refreshed.. back to my normal old self and with my young ambition back in place. I was getting up early in the mornings.. My chronic pains had disappeared. I was back to the 12 year old guy that hadn't experienced any of life's bad side and that had bundles of ambition.

Though this is where my WHOLE life turned upside down because not even a week later at the weekend I was invited out for a drink with friends. I didn't take them up on their offer initially and instead went and had a drink with other friends but eventually I got bored and wanted to head back and have a few drinks with the friends I'd been chilling and hanging with the most for quite a few years. The one's that first invited me to come for a drink.

It turns out I turned up and there were only 4 of us.. Me the EX girlfriend, Samuel (her new best friend) and another girl that was usually always there school permitting. This was on the night of April 27th, 2010 and to begin with the night was quite fun but this was what turned out to be the night from hell that won't stop bothering me! In fact that has drove me to thinking I shall be seriously harmed!!

What happened to - happened over the period of around 48 hours so I will recap but here's the gory details in story mode.

We were sitting playing cards and not any old cards they weren't normal cconsidering the company I was in. They were cards that had a C, B and R for the Jack, Queen and King and were inscibed with "for the promotion of the Irish lanaguage". Anyways what I slowly started to think about over the course of the evening was that the CBR had a very significant memory in my life which was that back when I was being electronically tortured those letters were of signigficance. You see a couple of my email addresses were totally taken way from me at this period of time and at the that time Bebo was the "in thing".

So naturally enough soon after my email addresses were taken from me I had to check was someone using them and it so happened they were. They had setup accounts posing as 14 year old kids on bebo. For ages I kept stressing about it over and over again and shouting to mum about how they were making me look bad because if anyone searched my email address they would have came across profiles for young boys who were all netoorking with other young boys. To be fair I was disgusted at this.

To me though I never did like getting involved with the Police as in Northern Ireland it's quite frowned upon so I repeatedly urged my mum not to ring them about it either and that i would just leave it.

And that I did but then these lettes turn up while were playing cards.. and as I play (i was quite intoxicated) the two who were still at the table drinking (EX GF went to bed) kept ensuring that all the C,B and R's were ending up in my hand of cards.

Because I was intoxicated I didn't care but even more so because the letters were significant I wanted to let them do it because I knew the more I let them, the more I could get them to say about why they were doing it.

So as this was happening more and more was revealed and it was starting to look quite nasty!! The EX GF also woke up at this stage and came back down to the table. She sat down looking quite worried and said "Are you not scared?" which the reply of the other two was "No" then she said "You're glad aren't you" to the reply of "Yes".

By this stage I was trembling inside, and really starting to think about what the frig was going on!

As a senstitive person it made me even more aware because I just knew something was up.

Though a few words by Samuel that followed sealed my thoughts and I now knew it was serious.

He asked where my mum was and I had said she was away... to which he replied "Are you sure she wasn't sent away by your uncle". Which was true as a couple of evenings before she had been invited to a birthday party of a family my uncle and she was the only of our family members to have been invited. I was feeling quite sick by now.

I sat there until around 2pm that day until I knew my Mum was home whcih as soon as she was I stumbled across the road and into my house to greet her. Mind you I was looking like a terrible mess and was ever so scared to go to sleep.

I sat for most of that day July 28th 2010, with her in the living room going over the previous evenings events and she kept telling me I was mad and that I was looking into things too much but I knew I wasn't.. there was no possibility I was.

We both sat there for quite some time and I was on the verge of breaking down.. the whole time.

Soon into this something VERY scary happened (something even scarier was happening the whole time we sat there but if I said what it was no-one would even belive me it's that crazyily scary) that was to do with the computer and a site called

What that site does is guesses the name of a celebrity via asking you questions but upon my mum turning it on and my playing it.. it turns out that this was not a very nice Akinator.

What happened was something much like the other thing I said that was going on that I wouldn't mention!!

The Genie was sking me questions that didn't add up. It was asking me VERY weird questions and when I chose the answers to them it was returning even weirder questions/remarks.


I played for a while longer though and it kept doing this so I eventually couldn't do it any longer it was too scary/freaky.

Anyways so bed time was creeping up and my mum was heading that direction and I followed. At this tage I stood in her room an cried out everything I could possibly think of that would reason what went on the nigtt before.

I said that maybe I had caught the HIV nfetction and passed it to my EX GF whom house were in at the time of all the happenings. But it so turns out that a test at the GUM clinic was clear.

I had worried about this ever since a girl previous to that had said during sex don't worry you're not goann get aids from me while I knew at the time she had also been sleeping with another guy and many before that. Me I only had 1 previous sexual encounter to that.

Anyways after all that and still feeling REAL scared my mu finally rolled over and stipped listeening to me. I would not get into my own bed in fear. So I slpet beside her all night.. not expecting to wake up mind you.

Ever since that I keep reliving the experience and I've had comments passed by other friends along the lines off.. so you're still alive or texts to my phone saying "still alive mate?" from mates that hadn't even texted me in a long long time.

So obviously everyone knew what was going on except me. I've even got the feeling my mum did since then as with stuff she said to me too.

So here's where I'm gonna sum up the events.
  • Went to party and played with cards that were significant to a time where my email accounts were hacked, stolen and used to setup profiles for young teenage boys.
  • Got freaked out in that party with things that were said.
  • Came home got even more freaked out by something real scary and something else real scary that I don't mention cos NO-ONE would even believe it!
  • Went to bed thinking I would not wake again!
  • Had mates say weird things - relating to being still alive - to me since via text and when I've met them face to face.
Where am I now?

To sum it up in a few words... I am scared, lost and really think I'm in danger cos still no-one has told me anything about the events and it leaves me to keep ondering and pondering... why? why? why? and am I in danger? Am I? Am I? Am I?

GRRRRR to those who did this to me. You're all a bunch of cowards but yet I'm still left to fear you's! And to those who read it all your comments/questions are welcome. Thank you.

P.S another party oragnized by this uncle for this Saturday.. hmmm.
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Please, tell me either by comment or private comment, what the other scary things are. I am great at figuring out these things and handling them, they happen to me all the time. All except for the email thing. For me, people signed my accounts up for **** sites, then someone from school looked up my email and bam, that was a bad day.