im scared.i cant remember it.i knew it was nightmare.i wanted to wake up but i couldnt....i squeezed pillow,blanket but i couldnt calm down :(
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hmmm you had slept paralyze???which you cant wake up??

I'm terribly sorry. I guess I'm lucky I haven't had one in a while but when I was little I had a nightmare and I thought it was real life. It seemed like It lasted years. When I woke up I was confused. I didn't know who anyone was or where I was. It was horrible but things got better as time went on... Maybe you should look into ways to get out of dreams and nightmares. I found out my own way. I get as close as I can to the ground and I shut my eyes as hard as I can and I'll wake up. Maybe you should try that it might help you out


Sorry I got a little off track 😂