I Have These Every So Often

Had one last night where basically I was in an arena type event just walking around like you would do if you were at a baseball game or basketball game and you were going to the concession stand with your friend girl or guy just walking and talking about nothing really college boys girls food drinking dating your man your girl just shooting the breeze when I see my ex boyfriend and a lot of guys around him he doesn't really acknowledge me but we follow him my friend girl suggests i make a few excuses about why he didn't say anything to me but when we get around the corner he is gone and his whole crew is also. There is a girl decked out I see out of the corner of my eye drinking from the water fountain while me and my friend girl r trying to figure out what w are going to eat she com up to me but now looks really sick and weak she is asking me all these questions about him I am trying to get away from her and she begins to throw up on me and I wake up breathing hard and sweating like every nightmare I have.....hot mess I know
foreversingle30 foreversingle30
36-40, F
Nov 15, 2011