I Was Caught With My Pants Down

It was last night and I had just got in bed after posting a new story on EP and went to bed it started out as a usual dream and I was downstairs playing call of duty and I was home alone so I decided to take the comfort setting up a notch I peed myself so I went into the kitchen put a Mountain Dew in a baby bottle and went back to playing video games stopping every once in a while to drink from my bottle I then turned off the game and watched the scyifi channel and fell asleep my mom got home and saw me a sleep so she went to put a blanket over me because I had not slept we'll in days and when she goes to put it over me she saw a wet spot on my pants and then woke me up she yelled Nicholas Jeffry what are you doing in wet pants but I did not wake up so she decided to just put me in a new pair of boxers and let me sleep until she saw what I was wearing and then when she yelled and hit my but I woke up and said hi mom what's up

She asked me why I was wearing a diaper and why was it wet I said because I like diapers and I had to go to the bathroom so I did then things got bad she said all right lets go get in the car and I said ok let me go change but she said now grabbed me by my ear and forced me into the car my phone said it was one o clock and I had no idea where we were going we arrived at a store iv never been to before and she said let's go

She then dragged out of the car and put me in a cart with a flat bed at the end a baby seat and then the rail to push I was strapped in and was told do not move she then went into the part of the store for babied and she said if you want to be a baby and wear diapers then you will be going full baby I tried to protest but she said i have more i can do to you so i was good then my mom finally found me a big black baby styled crib that was big enough that I could not touch the end to end the crib was then loaded on the dolly and she got the matching diaper table and playpen and a dresser and then took me to diaper isle

Diaper isle was at the entrance to the bed section and put me on the baby changing table and got free samples of the diapers and she made me try on every kind of diaper and pee in them by making me drink water and taking baby pee medicine we did that for two hours and she picked the ones she wanted pampers size seven and a lot of small depends she said in one month you will be skinny enough to wear these diapers or a even a smaller size I was really irritated because of all the diaper changes with no wiping or powder just straight diaper to diaper changes she then said now let's go get some cloths in my the cloths section

That was on the other end of the store so we cut through the bed section and then remembered to grab a stroller high chair and a car seat I hated this and she knew it but kept on shopping anyways so we arrived at the baby cloths isle and got me onesies of all colors and designs some overalls that you could easily see a diaper in Jammie's and sleepies she had probably twenty onesies ten overalls and a whole crap load of other cloths but no jeans or shirts except for sweatshirts and long sleeve shirts I was finally fed up and said come on get me some shorts jeans and shirts yes I get I have to be babied but please some style is wanted so she actually got some stuff I liked and it made me happy I said are we done now and she said all most my little baby I just have to go to accessories and pick up some things and then we can go

We got to the accessories and she grabbed a bunch of bibs and put one one me then grabbed twenty bottles diaper pins rubber pants a mobile and
then grabbed baby wipes baby powder baby oil baby shampoo bubble bath and a lot of all in one cloth diapers she then got a new tub that was baby friendly but I was confused I saw a cart behind us that had all of that except for the dresser tub and cloths and somehow I knew those were mine I asked my mom but I said momma "yes baby" are those mine too she nodded yes and said "when we go somewhere later you will understand those" I thought she was going to give those to my grandma so she could baby me and I started to cry so she put a binky but I said what's with the pacy that's what I called them and she shd me and put it back in my mouth where I kept it

I fell a sleep and woke up in the car in my carseat wrapped in a baby blanket and holding a teddy bear and in nothing but a fresh diaper I started to say momma I'm hungy and she said soon you can eat baby I put my pacy back in and just sucked on it and fell back a sleep

we reached a building and saw the guys from the store there and my mom picked me up and brought me in she reminded me no walking without being in my bouncing baby walker and I said ok mommy and then she said no talking from now on you don't speak a word you want something cry and they will get it for you I just said nothing but I nodded ok a aid came in and asked my mom if she wanted to leave me with her while she did business she agreed and handed over my diaper bag I was carried into the other room and set on a changing table and every thing was fine until she took out my pacy which I was not supposed to do I started to cry and she tried to breast feed me when I was changed but I pushed away and cried she then got my bottle out and filled it with new born formula and tried to let me hold it but I dropped it on the floor so she then picked ip my bottle and me up in her arms and feed me while rocking me back and forth I fell a sleep and at this time my crib wasnt in here so she sat in a rocking chair with me and held me

My mom came in the nursery that was just for me and saw it was l set up and then they brought me in I noticed to things out of the ordinary a bathroom and a queen sized bed my mom said this is Lisa (my babysitter when I was younger who changed my diapers on field trips and such) and she is your personal daycare instructor and this is also her room too so be good I wanted down and started to waddle about but then I fell like when I learned how to walk I was liking my own private room but was scared about sharing it with a twenty eight year old girl but I guess it could of been worse they could of put me with the toddlers

We got home and the men just left with their truck so I couldn't wait to see my room I was about to unbuckle myself and run inside but I waited for the stroller and just hugged my teddy my mom unstrapped me then strapped me in the stroller and brought me up the new ramp and into thaw back room I motioned to go upstairs but she wheeled me into the back bedroom which was now my nursery and my mom still lived upstairs where my old room is is now locked up my mom baby proofed the entire house and she come let's give you a bath she turned on the water and added bubbles I then had my diaper removed and was put in the tub I then started to get sleepy k
My bath was finished and I was in my footsie pajamas give a bottle and put to bed I finished my baba and was sucking on my finger instead of my pacy my momma then turned off the light but since was a baby I cried and she saw me cowering with my bear and came in with a nightlight I smiled and giggled when it was on and my mom put a baby monitor next to me and said cry and I will hear you and come running

I woke up on the couch after this dream but luckily for me I changed my dipy and went upstairs and then I got up there and my room was locked so I went downstairs and saw my mom and said babies don't walk I was getting spanked when I woke up for real and was soaked I flipped the couch coushin and changed myself it was a weird dream I hope I have it tonight because it was great and if I do i am not kidding it will happen to me because it happened before
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that is some dream you had seem really intense. did you even have this dream again?

Nah it didn't though I've had dreams like this after and they were interesting and very lifelike but this dream was the weirdest one I've had but not the worst one

oh that's cool and this the weirdest dream you had. well i can tell you i never had a dream like this before

That's because ur not the same way as me or have the same subconsciousness thoughts

well that's true. i though that might be the reason

Sure you did just like you ur such a little kid

your a little kid :P

No I'm not I'm a toddler age three what's ur excuse

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It happened before? How could your mom even afford all this just to punish you? That gota be like thousands of dollars of stuff just to teach you a lesson... Wow.

It was a dream dude but if I have the dream twice then parts of it happen in real life for some reason like I have lived days in my dream word for word act for act its weird but it's happened to me before over 100 times

Luckily no revisiting dreams this time