I Was Confused By A Dream

I just woke up from a weird dream but it was o real I thought I was actually in it I'm glad I wasn't though so here's why

I was at hospital or I think it could of been my old high schools nurses office I wasn't feeling good so I go in there and tell them what's wrong I can't remember what it was and then I'm getting a check up and I'm wearing a diaper I was scared when I was told to get down to my undies and sit there till she came back I was so scared I did it but I peed she gets in and then sees the diaper and this is when it got weird she picked me up cradling me and then took me to a different room and it was like a baby clinic there as a me sized crib in the corner in stead of a bed and a changing room instead of a toilet she examined me and I got in the crib and laid there it was so comfy I started to sleep but there was this little boy there and he had a similar problem he was put in the crib with me and I woke up in the middle of his nurse saying something about me my nurse then comes over and pulls out a fresh diaper and I say I don't think it's going to fit but to my surprise it fits and then the other lady comes over with a box labeled diaper box and wrote down I was changed I saw a pacifier in there well actually three and I wanted one as I got one they said to me in the boy our self control of our movement muscles were failing and I said so I'm going to be in a wheelchair and she said no your going to be in diapers for life because there's no cure I started to cry and so did the other boy I woke up after that in a fairly wet feeling but I was not wet I checked my diaper and it was dry it was weird usually I understand my dreams and they tell what I want in my subconscious state of mind the only thing I got was I wanted to lose control of my relief system (going pee or poo) and was wondering do I really want to fully loose my ability to control when I go I'm scared I don't know what to think or do I wish my boyfriend was here he would be able to help me feel like the guy I am diaper and all
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Go see your old high school. Visit the nurse's office. Then go to all the local hospitals. If you can find the setting, it will help you understand. Find it in real life. If it is a place you have never been before, and you dreamt it, something is going to happen there to you later in life. It may sound superstitious, but I think you need to go there. I cannot tell you of all the places I have dreamt before visiting. It is wondrous to be there after dreaming it, and suddenly, I find, it gives closure to your dream to go there and throw a part yor something, and then leave. Never to return. This is only made difficult if you are in a place that,only exists in the dream world. What if the world of dreams, and the world of mirrors are two more dimensions man has never found? Neither will let you pass through forever, you would most surely perish, especially in the dream world. But who is to say that when you enter the dream, you are not merely watching events that carry out in an alternate universe? I find it most intriguing, especially when dreams are powerful enough to bring you the future. Often, though you never go to these places until several years after having dreamt it.

Well I'm not sure how I'd find this place but I was confused because my dreams are ussually straight forward this one wasnt