I had a dream that I was home alone, and there was a party in the field across my road, so I got on some clothes and I went over, i got there and there was a whole bunch of people, there was lots of music... Drinks.. Drunk people, and I kinda zoned out, all of a sudden a guy maybe... 21? 22? Anyways he shoved me to the side, and he started ripping off my pants and I started crying, i tried screaming but nothing came out, he started unbuckling his pants, I could tell he was drunk, he was so strong, I was so weak, he raped me, it was actually painful, it was so real, I could feel everything, I seriously like,..,, saw... Everything... Like...saw. Ya know?

Anyways, somehow I managed to get out of his grip and I ran as fast as I could back to my house, he chased after me, I got home and locked The door, he was lingerin outside my door, looking in the window, I ran to my basement, I was goin to call someone but I left my phone at the party, I started to sneak out the back door and I snuck outside the fence, he grabbed me around the neck and covered my mouth, he got me in his car and locked all the doors,

He drove me to an empty field and drove to the middle of it, he started touching me, I was too scared to scream.. Or resist, once again, he raped me, I jabbed him in the eyes with my fingernails and ran, I got home about 2-3 AM and my parents were home, they looked furious, I asked them why, and my
Mom said "explain this young lady" and she lifted the phone and someone took a pic of my and the guy... We'll.. While he was raping me, I knew my mom thought I was in with it, but no, I lost all words, I just started crying, it was all over Facebook, like.. I was completely exposed, I cried forever, I looked out the window and he was there again, I screamed at my mom "HE RAPED ME MOM! HIM! He did it!" But she never believed me,

I'm 14!?!? Why the crap did
I dream this!? I seriously woke up crying, I could SEE everything. If you know what I mean? And I could feel EVERYTHING! I actually cried because is wondered if it was a dream.. I actually lost my breath running, omg I'm still so scared, I can tell you exactly how he looked too!
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Hey can we private message. It says I can't cause of my age. U wanna kik.

Wow that was really creepy. That was scary.