I think this is being caused by medication I have started taking (and will have to take long term) my dreams are becoming more and more vivid!
Last night I woke up at 1.30 am and was shocked I hadn't been sleeping all that long. I'd had a long, long dream about my son. He is just 2. He had fallen over after came off our flight. Out of a high chair and it had taken a huge chunk of flesh out of his abdomen. It wasn't bleeding too bad. We tubbed the flesh and started making our way to the hospital. When we got to the car some crazy woman kept trying to run my mother over, she was so angry at us and we didn't know why. Eventually she pinned me against my mums car with hers. My son still in my arms, he was bleeding badly and he started to have a seizure. The whole way to the hospital I thought he was going to die in my arms.
When we got there we ended up in the wrong place and told to go down a level... I ran to get help, and was greeted by a nurse I work with in real life. She told me we would have to wait as they had an RTA in just 10 min before and I went crazy! Then an auxiliary I also work with in real life seen me and seen I was in distress, she looked at my boy and said I think he's going to die... I nodded and said I know.
Then I woke up.
Relieved it was just a dream!
This happens most nights now.
I even had another crazy dream straight after I fell asleep again where me and my best friend went skiing, the plane landed on a mountain with rubber trees... The landing tore a hole in my jeans and they lost my luggage. So we spent the whole holiday playing cards in the bathroom while our giant guinea pig played in the bath.

Actually losing my mind haha
Dreams are weird!
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You're not loosing your mind. Medications can do very strange things. You should call or text a friend ;-)