I had a dream that there was a party in the field across the road, so I got on some clothes and went over to it, I got there and there was a whole bunch of people, I was the youngest one there (14) most of them were seniors in high school, I zoned out, all of a sudden a guy shoved me over to the tents and started ripping off my pants, I was so scared I started crying and I tried to scream but nothing came out, he started unbuckling his belt and he raped me, it was so painful, I could actually feel it! And I saw everything.., like ... Saw...

Anyways he was like., 20, and I managed to get out of his grip and I ran back home, I locked the doors and had a breakdown, I ran down to the basement because he was right outside the door, looking into the window, I cried, I was gonna call someone but I left m phone at the party, I snuck outside the back door, i thought I was fine, but I was wrong, he covered my mouth and grabbed me around the neck, he shoved me in the car and took me off to an empty field, he parked and started touching me, he looked at me and said "don't be scared baby" I was seriously so scared. I was too scared to cry to scream, I just sat there, he raped me again, it hurt worse, because he did more, i felt like my insides were popping hahaha, but honestly it hurt so bad, and it didn't feel like a dream at all, I jabbed him in the eyes with my fingers and ran home, I got home at 2-3AM And my parents were home.. They were furious, I asked them what was wrong and my
Mom got on Facebook and pulled up a picture and said "explain this young lady" an it was a picture of the guy raping me pretty much, it looks like I was enjoying it, part of me was wondering what kind of ******* was recording it and not helping me, but I lost all the words l had no idea what to say, I knew either way I was dead meat.. I looked outside, and the guy was there I screamed "HE RAPED ME MOM! HE DID IT! It was him!!!" And I broke down in tears, she didn't believe me, my dad was almost in tears because he thought I started it, but I didn't! I was So scared

I'm freaking 14, why did I dream that!?
I could feel EVERYTHING
I COULD SEE EVERYTHING, like see! You know what I mean?

It felt so real! OMG I'm still scared
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2 Responses Aug 17, 2014

Dreams are crazy are like that. You will either dream of what you really want or what you fear most. What you fear most is rape, which is a good thing to be scared of. Dreams are also crazy as that they can become so real that you can feel it, mostly nightmares. I'm sorry you had to experience that, though, that's a pretty bad nightmare.

I don't know why you dreamt that. It is scary. I had a dream that felt so real and I was so scared I slept with a light on for an entire week.