Yep another nightmare

I was just walking in the park with my best friends when suddenly we got like...teleported to a weird place
It was really dark and i tried to look for my friends and then i saw a bright light and as i ran to the light i heard my friend calling my name.
As i ran up to my friend he suddenly got killed with a knife. His eyes fell out and his head fell off and i tried to run but i couldnt i and suddenly a strange creature walked up to me really slow...and then he just rushed up to me and then he suddenly he turned into my friend and he fell on the ground and he had a wound on his stomach almost as big as his whole stomach then i got teleported back to the park and i started to run.
Then i fell into the river and i couldnt swim up and i slowly drowned and then i woke up tears running down my cheek and my pillow was all wet
LoloArends LoloArends
16-17, F
Aug 17, 2014