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Yes...a Nude Date

I have been chatting with other nudists online for a long time. Recently, I have been chatting with another home nudist, who lives nearby. Last night, he came to the house for a casual pizza supper and to watch television. As soon as the pizza delivery guy left, we both got out of our clothes and got comfortable, cuddled nude on my couch and scarfed pizza and talked about "everything nudist" that we wanted to while nominally watching the History Channel. It was a lovely evening, ending with simply naked hugs before he went home.

He im'd me as soon as he got home, and we will be doing this again as soon as possible, as well as going to a resort together soon.

I'm not sure I'll ever bother with a clothed date again...
gillianmcg gillianmcg 56-60, F 26 Responses Jul 1, 2011

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Sounds like a wonderful evening. It all goes to show that clothes just get in the way.

did you consider whether to answer the door naked or not? sounds like you were clothed until dinner arrived.

Besides clothes just get in the way of really getting to know someone.

I would love a nude date with you! please add

Glad to hear it worked out so well for you. I've done that where my date and I were both nude and when I was just nude (CFNM).

Good on you both - glad you had a great time.

That is HOT!!! Would you please add me...

Oh very very good.

Oh, how I hope this worked out for you. Are you still together? We frequent nudist resorts and beaches or rivers. Nothing better. Good luck.

So nice to hear it may be working out for you. Good Luck.


I recently went on a first date where we ended up nude in a Jacuzzi. Had fun. Am going out again tonight. I am a closet nudist. Just coming out.

Thanks for sharing that would be a new experience

a couple of years ago i went to see my friend John who is always nude at home.
Anyway he made me a cup of tea and we started chatting and very soon my clothes came off too.
We spent a couple of hours like this then it was time for me to re-enter the real world!

Sounds fun. That would be a unique first date.

Brilliant well done. A great evening by all accounts.

I wish I lived near you... I'd love a nude date with you too

Sounds like a great, natural, and comfortable time.

Sounds like these dates are about companionship and sharing common interests. It may never happen, but lets assume your chat turned a little flirty during one of these dates. I get erect during this type of talk. Would you ignore his hard **** or bring attention to it?

I just have to comment and tell you how much I would love to meet a woman like you. Just a casual, open minded date being nude with each other. Nice warm skin to skin hugs a so nice. Yes, just a platonic date to start but as you said if more devleops then so be it.

Right now we're just staying friends but we're both open to whatever happens along the way...when we can make schedules mesh again :P

That sounds about right.


Going to a nudist resort with a buddy and a picnic basket is fun.

Sounds great!

That sounds wonderful! So glad you two got together and had such a great time!

gillian, <br />
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i'm glad your nude date went well<br />
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