Ok, so recently I have been opening myself up very sexually. Since joining this sight I have become more comfortable in my own skin thanks to the great and supportive people on here. As a token of my appreciation I've decided to fill you in on my latest experience.

While sitting at home last night I felt the urge to get out of the house for a little while. What better place to go than the local bar. After having a few drinks with friends I receive a message from someone that I have been talking to for a few days asking if I had any plans. We agreed to meet up at another bar for a few drinks and dinner. This was my first time meeting him in person and boy I wasn't disappointed in the least bit. Tall dark and handsome to say the least. Well as the night was going on so was the bottle of wine that he had ordered for us. Our conversations ranged everywhere from life ambitions to favorite movies. Then it turned real hot and steamy. I had confessed to him that I was looking to play the field and not get bogged down in any committed relationship. To my surprise he was very understanding. After supper, we parted our separate ways. After arriving home by cab, I just in the shower and began playing with myself while imagining him. This continues for a little while. Then I hop out of the shower, put on my favorite pink panties and black nylon stockings. Lying in bed I just couldn't get him out of my mind. Finally I found my nerve and messaged him asking that he come over to my place so we can pick up where we left off. Minutes seemed like hours while waiting for his reply. Then it came. I gave him my address and apartment number. When he arrived I opened the door only wearing what I had put on out of the shower. He looked me up and down as he walked into my apartment. Then he grabbed me by the hips, pulled me close, and began kissing my neck all while pulling my head to the side. The feeling of his strong hands on my body drove me nuts! I reached for his had and guided him to my bedroom. Once there I knelled before him as he started to undo his pants. I reached up and tugged them down as his 8 inch black **** jumped out and hit my face. I wrapped my hands around this fat **** and began to work it as I gently kissed the head. I worked my way from the head to the base and back. He began to let out soft moans as I tried my best to deep throat what I could of him. Needless to say, I didnt get very far do to his size. After some time I reached into my night stand and retrieved a condom and lube. I laid on my back as he prepped himself and me. Finally I felt pressure as the head of his **** was pressing up against my a**. Suddenly he began to slip in and penetrate me. Wow did this hurt! After allowing time to adjust, he then began to deep stroke me. The sight of my legs on his shoulders and the sweat rolling off of his body would have been more than enough to send anyone over the edge. Faster and harder he went as time went on. This continued for some time. Finally, in just a few pumps I felt his **** throbbing inside of me. He was ******* inside of me! As he did this, I did my best to tighten my *** around his ****. I could feel every rope of *** shoot through his **** and into my ***. What a wonderful feeling! For the first time in my life, I felt like I found my calling. He owned me. I was his to do what ever to. I was just a physical object to his sexual pleasure and I couldn't imagine having felt any better.
aco060311 aco060311
Aug 19, 2014