My Secret Shorts!

I remember having a few pairs of secret shorts. I kept hold of my grey short trousers when I went into longs and wore them on occasions when everyone was out of the house. I also had a pair of very short white nylon PE shorts which I used to wear at home and imagine i was going to be slippered by the games master in them!
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Wow Willianboyson2b they sound like really effective punishment shorts. I bet you are a well behaved boy after visiting your PE master ( for a while at least!) I have some grey short trousers with a 1" inside leg. I know im in trouble if i am told to wear them!

Wow! they were very short shorts then! they would offer up no protection if you had been sent to the games master for a slippering!

Not as short as my new "punishment PE shorts" which have a 1" inside leg. I have been slippered (and spanked and tawsed) by my "games master" in these and they did, indeed offer up no protection to speak of!

Fab Williamboyson2b were the cotton of nyon? I bet you enjoyed wearing such short tight shorts!

Oh, cotton - this was 1971 and nylon shorts were not really popular by then. One thing I remember about them is that, as well as having only a tiny inside leg - less than 2" - they were quite short overall, so they were almost hipster-style. I could never have worn them in public because my erection would poke out of the waistband!

I also 'liberated' a couple of lost property pe shorts. In the pe changing rooms there were open metal lockers that items of lost property were put in for people to claim. I remember 'finding' a pair of blue cotton shorts - I think the were ex RAF in there. I took them home and remember sniffing them, before I put them on and had a w**k in them. Like you junixlover I was concerned about the s**nk stains one day when they had been well abused I slippeded them into to washer behind my mums back. they came back clean and pressed but I did miss the smell ! It didnt stop me w**king in them again though

I used to have a pair of white gym shorts that I'd found in the locker room at school. They belonged to a very sweet first form boy with blond curly hair. I was a prefect by then so his shorts were very tight and exceedingly short on me, but that didn't stop me wearing them in secret from time to time!