My Secret

When I was a small boy I regularly was slapped on my bare legs when I transgressed. Ususally I wore very short shorts and long knee length socks (as was the style back in the mid to late 70s) and when I was naughty I was slapped hard.

I was mainly slapped on the backs of my thighs or knees but occasionally smacked on my bare calves (when my socks had fallen down or on the rare occasion I had ankle socks on with my shorts) and the front of my thighs. I was usually smacked on the spot when I was naughty and the nearest leg received between one and four stinging slaps turning it a very bright shade of red, always leaving me in floods of tears.

I was mainly smacked in primary school and it was not uncommon to see me with a red mark on my legs and a pair of red eyes from crying. I hated getting smacked.

However when I reached adolescence I began to become fascinated by smacking. Sadly too late for me as my leg slapping ended in my early teens. I used to like to see other small children smacked as I was but was saddened that none of my friends shared my fascination.

When I was about 15, I had a favourite very short pair of football shorts I would sometimes wear under my jeans and track suit along with a pair of matching knee length socks. Occasionally, when alone, at home or, in a secluded outdoor location, I would carefully peel down my trousers and smack my own thigh very hard. Sometimes one slap, other times, several. I loved the secrecy of this, I enjoyed the sudden sharp pain and the tingling and warmth afterwards. I learned I could leave large pink hand prints on the front of my thigh or my inner thigh and enjoyed watching my pale white leg turn red in front of my eyes following a heavy smack. I also enjoyed smacking myself on the back of my thigh and then checking out the mark later in the mirror.

I was saddened I had no one to do it for me but was fairly content to do it myself. I have even shaved my legs and then smacked them hard afterwards. One one occasion, when it was a very cold night, I shaved my legs, went on a 2 mile run in my footie kit and whilst out, slapped the front of my thigh very hard so it would really smart.

I thought I was wierd. I kept my fetish secret for almost 30 years. I then began to realise other folk were effectively wired up like me and have now slowly effectively have started to come out, in effect, on line and never have admitted this until now!
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Well done for admitting your secret

I witnessed this at school, and now get a real buzz out of slapping the legs of adults in shorts now. Been a fetish of mine since I reached sexual maturity. Anyone needing it done, contact me!

OK - only signed up yesterday - have updated and added pic. :)

I didn't get my legs slapped often as a boy but I do enjoy it now. Part of the thrill of reporting for punishment in very short shorts is knowing how vulnerable my bare legs are to being slapped, right up to my bottom. A few weeks ago I reported to a master for a strict gym detention. I'd just got some new white cotton PE shorts with 1" inside leg - they don't even cover my bottom, let alone the tops of my thighs. Of course, when I told my gym teacher about them, he insisted I wore them. During the long wait in the corridor outside his study, all I could think of was how exposed I was in these shorts. After he had called me in and told me off for skiving PE lessons (something I did regularly at school), he grabbed me around the waist, bent me over a little and slapped the backs of my thighs really hard, right up to the top. I was howling and wriggling long before he stopped.

Worse still, I then had to go for a cross-country run, which involved running through several streets where people were working in their front gardens. I must have looked very odd in my old-fashioned school PE kit, with white singlet, plimsolls and these very brief shorts but when I realised that the backs of my legs must have been covered with bright red hand prints, I ran faster than I ever thought possible!