I used to wear my PE shorts as secret hidden shorts in my early teenage.
In secondary school, if PE was at end of the lesson, I did not *****, so I took my pants on to PE short after PEs.
After a time at home on weekends or summertime, I wore my PE shorts underneath my cloth.
We wore cotton PE shorts in black and later in white plain colors.
I coud not say why I did, but liked them. I usuallly hided that, but sometimes I wore them as a sagger.(sagger was tottaly not known habit on those time).
During the years these PE shorts use turned into to my first boxer shorts feeling, omitting the brief underneath.
At summertimes I used them only shorts without underwear. Probably this habit resulted I love the boxershorts mainly in plain colors.
Unfortunatelly in my high school the dress code was not so strict as was in primary and secondary school, and colored polyester PE shorts become common, the good old cotton PE shorts seemed ugly now.
I followed the stream, I wore a sporty adidas shorts on PE.
Even though a conventional old fashioned PE short was kept in my bag secretly as a backup, what I only rarely wore on PE, because it could cause *****..
But it is now a different experience...
Tomair Tomair
41-45, M
1 Response Aug 16, 2014

I wonder if I met you growing up? I knew several boys who wore PE shorts as underpants. I thought sorry for them as they chose the hard nylon types that didn't breath, let alone soak up urine.