Not The First, But Certainly Unique.

I'll give everyone a brief background about me before I get into this story; as it might help put things in perspective for people who don't know me well.

I'm a sophomore in college right now going for [what I believe is a somewhat useless degree at the moment] an associates. I'm 19, attended boarding school for high school; have taken a great books seminar class and ethics class (I can't stress enough how enlightening those were). I have experimented heavily with prescription and other recreational drugs but now have cut back to alcohol & marijuana. I work a full time job with TBI (traumatic brain injury) patients.

I'd say my first panic attack was 2 1/2 years or so ago. when I was 17.
I've had several since.
So heres the story.

It was a Monday, and my first day off of the week. I had plans on visiting a friend at my college campus located an hour and twenty five minutes from where I live during the summer (parents house). This friend is leaving in two weeks so i figure I'd pay him a visit. I take a bowl and some bud for the ride. I run a few errands in a nearby town first and hop on the highway which is [rt 84 westbound] in PA. I have not worry about smoking in my car; in my mind it isn't a crime. So I light up a bowl which takes about five minutes to burn while going approximately 60 mph on the highway (speed limit is 65). I do this just because I'm slightly distracted while driving so I got a bit slower. I drive about three miles on the highway and decide to turn on my CB radio in the car. Usually I turn it to channel 19 which is the station most truckers turn too on highways, but I've never* heard any other audio signals other than truckers.

Within minutes of turning this on- I begin picking up odd chatting between two to three people who sound distinctly different from the normal talk (codes and unknown communications) similar to that you hear of from police. At first I'm intrigued and ask a silly question over the CB [talking into the cb I ask] "their any cops on 84 westbound and truckers could give me a heads up on?" The people talking in code continue; about a suspect whom they suspect or have proof of of being high on pills or some illegal substance. At this point I become ever so slightly suspicious and make the next exit off the highway, but in a quick and evasive method. I pull into the left lane and pass a car going 65mph. I notice not one car but two cars back, an ordinary jeep- no cop lights, just looked like a civilian car pull out of the left lane to follow, but as I rapidly pull over to the right lane and continue off the offramp, he follows. I then hear over the CB suspect taking offramp exit such and such. . I hurdle to a quick stop and pull out to the left, right before a long line of cars coming from the left are drawing closer. The person behind me then takes a full stop. I then hear over the radio " he's a quick bastard, is he heading down that way? yea i think he is" (says another). As I pass the on ramp leading to 84 east I notice a car with a man staring at me as I pass. I decide at this point in time to head to a gas station 1/4 mile down the road for a coffee. Right now I'm very confused, wondering whether or not this was crazy communication coincidence for if I had been followed and lost these people. I had not yet become in a panic state, right now I was curious and was very interested in pursuing this further. So not ever five minutes later, I head back on 84 westbound. I wait for about 2 miles and call in on the CB saying " can you guys still hear me? I'm back on 84 westbound mile marker 31". RESPONSE: "what was that east bound or westbound on 84? and mile marker 31 you say?" ME: Yes i'm going westbound not eastbound on 84, passing mile marker 31".
For a few seconds the radio is quiet, then I hear police code talk again. After a minute or so I call in. ME: "hey whats this about who are you guys?" It's hard to remember what they said at this point, half was in code, but their response was. RESPONSE: "You can here us huh? I'll be damned"- more code- "What about this escort van can you hear me?" ME: "yea". Then I begin telling them I just wanna know whats going on and i remember one telling me I should just speak in code it makes it a lot easier, after that I told him it was all jiberish to me.
What happened over the next 40 miles was what sent me into a panic attack worth writing about.
I'm hear much more code messaging between the escort van and the two cars. 5 miles after being on 84 westbound and watching my rear-view mirror I spot the same two vehicles which were behind me before (but civilian vehicles). I'm going at this time about 65mph. The two vehicles [traveling especially close together for such high speeds] pass my car in the left lane- slowly and look at me. They then position themselves in front of the random car traveling in front of mine.Now I am almost positive that this is a sophisticated operation possibly to do with law enforcement.It is at this time I hear over the radio- "say hello to the escort van". Nothing happens for a minute, then suddenly a white van traveling about 80-85mph drives by with 4 males inside. No government plates.. just a long white van. By now you can imagine how much anxiety I have. I'm not sure what is going on... why haven't these people pulled me over? who are they? I had so many questions! I tried my best to act calm as i heard the next message over the CB. " Yea he's definitely messed up, should we pull him over?" "No lets wait around and see what happens and how he drives" Ten minutes later after long code talk I begin hearing high pithed frequency sounds blocking out what other people are saying, at one point the sounds kept beeping so i had to turn my CB radio volume lower. They sounded just the sounds you hear when you contact the state police over the phone except long beeps. About 36 miles later I turned onto 81 and I hear code massages referring to vehicles handing off the chase or 'escort' for new people for the new highway. The new people who were behind me this time were one more escort van (almost exactly the same) a chevy malibue white, unmarked, no government plates, and a newer compact car. None apreciated the bumper sticker on my car which read 'bad cop no donut'. I know I know I certainly ask for this with such a bumper sticker.
Anyway I am followed for another 14 miles untill i pull off onto a back roud leading to my college campus. The only reason why I didn't believe I was extremely paranoid was that my CB pick up the talk the whole time, which would be impossible unless these people were within 2-4 miles of my location, and all of the messages seemed to link together in a fashion which resembled a pursuit or observance of a suspect for many miles.

I hope you guys enjoy this story, I now ordered a police scanner for future run in's with people like this.

mccaslin mccaslin
18-21, M
Aug 10, 2010