What is the Right Decisions....

Im goin to keep this brief. I recently had a horrific experience with my now ex-partner. I still love him dearly which makes this so hard for me. We were on holiday yes we had a few lovers tiff's but nothing out of the ordinary but I noticed a difference in his behaviour. It was the last night on holiday so we went to a bar for a drink he tends to drink too much but we had the same to drink and I was feeling fine, so y shouldnt he? Again we had a slight disagreement and he became extremely defensive. When back at the hotel he attacked me I will leave out the detials. I know that the person who done that wasnt him I know him through and through. I want to now drop the charges as he is suffering enough. Is this the right decision? 
lostinhope2012 lostinhope2012
Apr 28, 2012