The Best Kiss

I don't really remember my very first kiss. It wasn't really something to remember... It was lame and quick and pretentious.

The best kiss I've ever had was 3 years ago with my boyfriend who is my husband today.

He was walking me home to where I lived back then and we were in the middle of the highway. There were no cars passing by as it was already almost 7pm or 8pm. It was a quaint, small town and everybody was inside their homes.

When we were a few yards away from the entrance of my place, we stopped. We said our goodbyes and goodnights, he cupped the back of my neck pulled me closer to give me a peck, probably on the forehead or cheek (but I was confused and I didn't realize then that he was just giving me a peck). Mid-way I received his lips with my own and our mouths opened a little slowly and shyly. Our tongues met. Right then and there I thought that we were floating on air and that the stars exploded all around us as I felt him kiss me more deeply. It was soft and innocent and deep and I'll never forget that moment in my life. The kiss ended but the stars were still exploding all around us. We said good-bye again and i'm smiling right now as i remember what he said, "You're killing me..." I walked away and into the entrance of my place and I looked back at him still not leaving and just there, pretending to buy cigarettes from a small store.

It was one of the most spectacular things that happened in my life and I'll cherish it forever. :)
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That's so awesome.