A Cliche: A Kiss In The Rain

It was about a month ago. We were at Ossippee Lake in New Hampshire. The sky was gray, the wind was picking up, and a multitude of small waves were hitting the rocky shore. It wasn't raining quite yet, instead, it just looked ominous outside. We started out walking around the beach a bit, and then on the slim dock that ran about a hundred feet out towards the rough looking water. The sky and the water looked like one: a grey union of one body. It reminded me of us. That night, I felt as though the two of us we were one. One body, one mind, one spirit...we were the water and the sky, merged into one. The rain began to fall, it started out as a sprinkle, and then into a downpour. A few distant rolls of thunder, a flash or two of lightening too, but I wasn't scared. I had all I needed right there, at that moment. We took cover under a big pine tree, it's boughs kept us somewhat dry. There was also a picnic table that we had sat down on, but I got right back up almost instantly: I prefered standing on the rocky ground in my barefeet in the rain. I didn't stray too far from the picnic table or the tree, and certainly not from him, but he followed me; I guess he thought I was straying too far. He took me in his arms, held me tight under the gray sky...my hair was soaking wet, as were my jeans, and shirt, and feet, and face. He cupped my chin in his strong hands and guided it up to his face. He leaned in for the kiss, soft and sweet, passionate and romantic. I kissed back, leaned my body in closer, just to feel his warmth for I was shivering in the storm. It was perfect, nothing could beat it. In that kiss I could tell he really cared. There were sparks. It was undeniable.

We're still together, obviously. And we couldn't be happier.
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Thanks guys, it means alot :)<br />
I only wish to help others feel the same way I do about some things, or at least wake up those "warm and fuzzy" moments you've experienced.<br />
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Thank you, so so much.<br />

Your moment in the rain is around the corner, phat. You will be left breathless and overjoyed as I am under the canopy of my BB. Every moment I spend with him is etched upon my heart indelibly. The kisses are amazing. I will never tire of them. He has described it very well in "I've Had a Perfect Kiss". <br />
I thank you too 'been there rocked that' for awakening these warm moments for us. YOU rock!

You two are really sweet and it is so important to keep those moments fresh in your relationship that made the magic of how and when you first met. I love it. Sounds like true love to me. :) xox love you my friends :) <br />
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and you young miss been there rocked that.. You are outrageous! What a great writer :) I loved every second of that romantic experience in the rain and thunder and lightening. I have had some of those feeling as one in mind, body and spirit too and it makes memories for a lifetime. I hope you will always have the man in your life that makes you feel that way. Keep writing honey, you're doin great! xox

Goal: We will make this a regular routine for us! May never make it home on some of these strolls. Let's get lost in the woods altogether!

Yes it was! Let`s take a walk in the park in the rain and neck again real soon!

It was an impromtu walk in the park and we shared a big rainbow umbrella. He towers over me and can encompass me twice over in his strong embrace. I looked up at him with a longing to have time stop for us so we could enjoy this moment for as long as we wished. <br />
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As the rain pattered on our umbrella like candy falling from the sky, we kissed and nuzzled our faces together. The tenderness of the moment made me feel like we were but a beautiful chalk drawing melting in the rain that fell upon us. Unforgettable!