Hmm, Ah! Got One(:

Me and Ricky were sitting on the steps at the back entrance of the school and I decided to sit on this railing. He came up to me and held me and his head was in the space between my chest and we both said, "Space." at the same time and he started laughing and smiling at me. (The reason why we say space is because we he was younger he didn't think boobs had a space between them) so he looked up at me and said, "Hey there." and I messed with his hair and smiled at him and said, "Hi baby." and he kissed my chest and he went up to my shoulders and kissed my neck to my chin, and then I felt his smooth lips on mine and him holding me tight, I wraped my arms and legs around him and then I felt him leaning on me, and I started to fall back. I wasnt even on the railing anymore, and I started laughing and getting worried that he was going to drop me, so I clung to him tighter ad said, "I'm gonna die!" and he smiled at me and kissed me again, and of course he said, "I got you, and I'm not letting you go." and I melted a bit inside, and brought him down to me and kissed him again, and he proped me back up on the railing and he said, "I promise."
angelssing4me angelssing4me
18-21, F
Aug 15, 2011